Friday, August 12, 2011

Random Vacation pictures -----

Happy to say I haven't been on the computer too much so will just put up a few more collages of our vacation that is almost OVER!
It seems like the days have been racing past and when Ann, Boy and Biscuit pulled out early this morning there was sadness all around. We so enjoyed being with them and the kids all got along really well. How am I going to make it without my Biscuit and Boy smooches? I guess I will have to "settle" for Page2's sweet hugs and kisses.  Ann treated all the girls and the kids to a great lunch in Beaufort - one of our favorite places. Then she took all the kids home to play and do crafts while we shopped a little bit. To be honest, it was hot, hot, hot - so we didn't shop for too long.
Funny Beaufort story - we were getting ready to enter a store we normally go to when a nice looking young man sitting on the steps said, "They are having a free wine tasting down the hall" so we are like - OKAY! At this point, anything to go into air conditioning - plus wine. Oh yeah! We all walked into this tiny little shop and who should walk in right behind us but the young man! LOL We were all talking and laughing and finally it got to where every time he poured us a tiny little taste, he would pour himself one too! When I told him the one I liked and was buying - he said, "thank you very much" and I said "NO - you aren't saying it right - say it again but with a lower pitch" So we did that a few times until Page and Leah finally got my attention by showing me a flyer advertising a show this weekend in another little town nearby featuring Elvis impersonators and guess who one of them was? Yep - that's right - I'm standing there telling an Elvis impersonator how to say "thank you very much." But HEY - I actually lived the Elvis generation - this young man probably wasn't an twinkle in his Daddy's eye back then.
I mentioned I would post some pictures of just a few of the gifts that were shared during the week - including the very special necklaces (and Page's earrings to match) Ann gave Page and Leah, the sock puppets Leah made the kids along with the whale shirt and hair clips for Biscuit, soaps, two summer scarves I picked up in Durham at Vaguely Reminiscent for Leah and Page a few weeks ago, earrings for everyone including the ones that matched the bracelet Ann had bought herself and myself (I've been looking at the handmade earrings of the forest for awhile and decided to gift myself - along with the green scarf you see hanging on my mirror. The dragonfly tea set? Yeah - that was a gift to me from Ann - how special is that???!!!! She also gave me tea to go with it. Jessie gave me the little bobble ladybug that is designed to sit on the dash of our cars.  I felt strongly they would like the scarves but for the most part like waiting to see what everyone picks for themselves and then I can just purchase it for them. Page told me that Ann had bought herself a bracelet so all I had to do was buy the earrings that matched it. Leah brought everyone special  preserves and we dug into some of them.  The strawberry/rhubarb and peach were both the bomb!  I've been using my dragonfly cup Page bought me when she came home for the family reunion - I love it as well as the great bag she got me.
Biscuit has been slapped by Princess Miya before but she was determined they were going to be friends and these pictures show how her perseverance finally paid off! At least for a little bit. I will have to admit that Miya has been sleeping all day since they pulled out. Such a funny cat but I do love her.

Today actually wasn't as hot as the others have been and was a bit overcast. Page1 and I sat on the dock for awhile reading (I finished my yearbook - whoo hoo) and then sat on the porch with the fan blowing. It actually felt pretty good with the strong breeze and there were even a few sprinkles of rain. Leah, Page2 and BigD went fishing for a short period of time earlier - until they ran out of minnows. The only one who caught anything was Page2. You can imagine how excited she was to catch another SHARK! BigD took a long nap and then decided to go ahead and get the boat out of the water. He let Page2 ride with him and even drive the boat until they reached the channel. Kurt, Leah, Page1 and Page2 went swimming this evening. I thought I was taking pictures but it was short videos. We ordered pizza from Roma's and they were pretty good. Leah and Kurt have gone to the movies, BigD is snoring, Page and Page2 have gone back to get ready for bed and I'm not going to be far behind them. We made the decision today that we will stay the entire week BUT will be packed and ready to roll when we get up Sunday morning. Page has to catch a flight home and Kurt has to meet with his boss regarding his jobs on Monday. Vacation is a l m o s t over! Color me sad.
PS - Leah just got home and informed me that is NOT Miya with Biscuit - it is her brother - Hiro. She died laughing at the idea that Miya allowed Biscuit to put a blanket over her. Oh well.... I could dream.

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  1. Love the gifts!
    Biscuit was probably confused all week...what's wrong with this cat? Sometimes it's sweet and cuddly, other times she hits me??? :)
    It's sad when vacations come to an end. I've enjoyed following along with you guys.
    Have a great last full day!


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