Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet......

I feel the sky tumbling down ....not really. For those who don't know it yet, people here felt some of the earthquake that was centered about 150 miles north of us. Leah and Kurt both felt it - her at her office and him where he was installing a security system 3 hours away. He said he heard it too and that it was strange. I thought BigD had said he felt it but when he heard me tell someone that, he said that he didn't feel it. I think we didn't feel it because we were both driving at the time. Been another interesting week so far. Still feel lousy, been taking naps AND sleeping at night! What's up with that? Usually if I catnap for even 15 minutes during the day, I can't sleep at all that night. I did enjoy working with Jami, Savana and Jon this morning. I was their new "play thing" and really enjoyed my time with them very much. I stayed out almost all day yesterday and fell asleep as soon as I got home and sat down. Even though I slept last night, I was beat this morning - plus my ear and throat still hurt. I called my GP and they worked me in right after lunch. I met with the PA who asked me how I felt about a student checking me out. Both of them examined me and said the infection was clearing up. They both felt there might be fluid behind my ear drum. When I told the PA how bad I feel - especially how tired I am now, she asked me if my cancer specialist had explained that I would feel more exhausted and worn out with things like this from now on and I'm like - No? So then they went and got my doctor who made me keep popping my ears (while he was examining the bad one) until the one that hurts finally popped too (took about three or four tries). He too feels there is fluid behind that ear drum but wants me to take Advil (3 at a time) for the pain and if I don't get better in a few days, he wants to refer me to an ENT specialist to see if there is something going on further down in my throat. WOW - not what I expected at all. Was thinking the Cipro ear drops weren't working and they would give me oral antibiotics. The good news the Cipro has been working but not on the pain. The other good news is I have lost a little over 20 lbs (gained a few on vacation) and he was happy about that. He stressed that he could tell I don't feel good at all but to control the pain, get more rest and let it run its course....whatever - IT - is. And that folks is why they call it "practicing" medicine.

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