Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 2 - 5 more days until we leave for VACATION....

Another long and hot day in service today. It was "real" close to 100 degrees when I pulled into the driveway. Sweet Jami and her sons joined us again this morning and Jon told her he wanted to work with Page. SO cute - it got hot enough that we took turns with one sitting in the car with the kids while two went to doors. Met quite a few people and got to visit with a dear friend who lived on the street and allowed us to take a "potty" break! Thanks Gina. After lunch, Rose joined us and went with me, Page and Eileen on Shen's last study. I decided I was not going to be sad - we covered the last sub-heading in the book and I used the opportunity to review quite a bit of what has been covered. Shen is a smart young woman and I want to believe she will make some good choices. I promised Sara I would come get her after we get back from vacation - I want to buy her a new school uniform. I fell in love with the store Page and I shopped at last week so plan to take her there.
Leah sent me pictures of their new kitchen sink and counter top. Aren't phones amazing? I love both the sink and the counter top but it makes me really, really want a new sink.  We were supposed to go swimming with Ann, Boy and Biscuit but after they got here, Ann asked if we could just "hang out" for a bit. She had just come back from taking them to a movie with her sister and I think she was "done" too. Boy and Page were so busy on the computer they didn't realize how much time was going by. Biscuit kept me and Ann totally entertained - even when she insisted on turning Miya into her sweet Lilly - NOT. Miya finally slapped her (didn't break the skin) and Biscuit told her she was a "bad" girl.  Of course, she also got in trouble for telling me I was a bad girl too when I scared her a little.  Sorry sweet Biscuit - I didn't mean to get you in trouble.  Stomach was feeling a little better - until I ate some delicious Italian Pizzeria Pizza.  Now it feels yucky again.  Page and I have had our showers and are ready for a quiet evening at home with BigD.  Sure hope my tummy gets better. : (

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