Saturday, August 6, 2011

August 6th .. only 1 more day until VACATION!!!!

I can't sleep - just got up for the umpteenth time and it is after 3AM and I still haven't slept a wink.  I've tried everything - reading, playing solitaire, drinking water, counting sheep - lolol - not really on the last one.  I just opened my blog page and there was a post from Speckled Kat saying the same thing - she couldn't sleep either!  What in the world?  Must be something in the water.  Makes me sad because I have a lot to do in the morning before I go pick Page up at the airport.  At this point, I'll be sleeping and BigD will be going to get her. Maybe that's it - knowing I'm going to see my babies in a few hours.
Awwww - Princess Miya was sleeping under the covers at the foot of my bed and she just came into the office to check on me.  Isn't that sweet? She must have been tired because I have gotten in and out of that bed five or six times at least and she just kept sleeping away - as has Page2.  Makes me mad because I just put clean sheets on the bed and that usually knocks me right out.  Now she has climbed up and is laying along the back of my neck on my desk chair.  Her brother will be here tomorrow and the games will be on.  Think I'll play another game of Solitaire and try to go back to bed one more time.  I HATE nights like this. Oh well - soon the kids will be in the house and I can just enjoy.

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  1. Have a wonderful time with your kids! You should take them to get a snowball before you head to the beach :) It's worth it and cheap. Sorry you couldn't sleep either. I finally fell asleep at 2am. Can't wait to see pictures of your vacation :)


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