Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hump Day of Vacation OVER half-way over.......:(

Page1, Leah and Ann took Biscuit, Boy and Page2 to the beach today. Thankfully, the guy with the "honey wagon" had come and gone and we now can use all the water we want - within reason. BigD and Kurt worked on Mae's AC at her cottage and BigD finally found the part he needed to fix it. We are so happy we had a place to "go" but are glad that is over and now the people who come down next week will have water AND AC at both places. My sister Ruth called a little later to say they were on their way home. Her daughter had decided she had been away from her little boy long enough and wanted to get home to him. I'm sorry they couldn't come tonight but she made me promise we would call her and her hubby the next time we have BBQ chicken at home.
The girls have been combed, braided, dressed and slathered with sun screen.
Leah called to let me know they wouldn't be in the regular place if I did come down. It now costs $10 to park in the lot so they drove down toward Fort Macon. The ocean was very rough - lots of sand and little shells.
Some girls were busy, busy, busy and others were r e l a x e d. Even thought it hasn't been as hot today as the others, it is still HOT.
Every one's bathing suit was full of sand and little shells. Leah said when a wave would recede - it would look like they all had diapers on. Boy was telling his Mom that he was done and Leah was wondering if she would ever get all the sand, grit and shells out of Page2's hair. When they got back, she put Page2 under the outside shower and poured conditioner in her hair - we can still see it there though. Oh well - isn't that part of being at the beach? It is a little after 5pm, the first pitcher of margaritas has been made and poured, and the girls and Kurt are outside watching the babies play in the "clean" water of the pool.  Glad I got the pool cleaned out and filled most of the way up before they got back.  We need to empty it and blow it back up a little tighter before tomorrow. I might just have to have a small margarita myself.  It's 5 o'clock somewhere --- and after 5 o'clock HERE! Where is that salt?

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  1. The one thing I don't like about the beach...getting those tiny little shells out of every crevice and my hair. It seems I can never get them all, until I am home. Sorry about the water and AC problem, glad it's working now.


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