Thursday, August 25, 2011

the world keeps turning the sun keeps burning ........

In other words - time marches on.  One of the bloggers I follow said "around the sun 7 times" in reference to her son having his 7th birthday. I've never thought of it that way before but it sure puts things into perspective doesn't it?  I got over 10 hours sleep last night - hoping that means I'll be feeling much better soon.  Then as I was pouring myself a cup of tea (the gift Ann gave me at the beach) I looked out the window and there was my hubby's niece in the driveway!  The one I wrote about yesterday!
What a really nice surprise! She looks great as always and I think she is really enjoying her retirement. Her younger sister had called BigD this morning and told him we were all getting together at GG's tomorrow night. It turns out GG had a fall in the house yesterday and her face got pretty banged up. Everyone worries about GG living alone now so I think we all just want to be with her to make sure she is really okay. Alease and I got caught up and bemoaned the fact that we both would like to be living in a trailer at the coast right now but hubbies just aren't on-board with that idea yet. Of course they are evacuating the coast right now because Hurricane Irene is heading for our coastline. I showed Alease my new Medicare Card I got in the mail a few weeks ago. Neither one of us can believe it! She is almost a year younger than I am - she started to school before she turned 6 and I started to school a few months before I turned 7. She was always the youngest and used to hate it but has decided it isn't so bad now. Hope I feel better by tomorrow night so I can enjoy everyone. Sweet Roseanne called today to see how I'm feeling - wish I could say much better but my hearing is getting tres' strange.  I've had to pop my ears several times to hear at all so guess the fluid behind the ear drum is correctomundo. Waiting for her to call me back so we can have our Family Study together over the phone. Oh - and the tea was delicious - great blend and I know it tasted so much better because of my sweet little pot and cups.  As a matter of fact, I think I'll make me some more before Roseanne calls.  Hope you all have a lovely rest of the day......

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  1. sorry I did not call back. My girls arrived about 2:45.


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