Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 3rd .......4 more days until VACATION!!!

As you know, my tummy just hasn't been right and today it took a turn that made the situation even worse!  Oh well -hopefully things will even out soon.  I decided to let Page sleep in today and sleep she did - until 11:30!!!  I think the little girl needed some real sleep.  I was glad I stayed home too for other reasons.  As I said - hopefully things with the tummy will calm down soon. :-(  I had promised to take Page swimming today again with Rie and her boys.  It turned our she was wiped out and decided to stay home all day.  I really wanted to do that too but Page has been so good about things I knew I would take her. I asked Ann if she and the kids wanted to join me but she reminded me she was meeting some other Moms and kids at the Museum and again asked me to join them.  Sorry - already done the Museum in 100 plus degree weather and just couldn't face it. As we headed out, I called Mitch to see if she and Vi wanted to join us and she said yes. I pulled up, she, Vi and Til all climbed in and we were off! I love a woman who makes quick decisions and just "does it". I have always been like that and am so glad I am. My mother-in-law told me there will always be dishes to wash, floors to sweep and food to cook but when something fun pops up - we should just reach out and grab it - all the other stuff will wait...Miss her too......
Page had a good time using her flippers but they kept getting loose and falling off. Hopefully we will be able to adjust them to fit better the next time.
Vi enjoyed using the flippers too. She is a good little swimmer - as a matter of fact, I'm beginning to think Vi is going to be good at most sports. Little Til will be swimming in no time - she has very little fear of the water. Such a cutie. Of course Page was starved and after picking her up something, I rode past Home Plate to get me and BigD chicken and dumplings and sweet tea.  I was so hoping it would help my tummy settle down and so far - so good.
After we got back we were hungry so we just put on our robes and ate. Page was surprised to find out she had received some special mail from home. Her Gma and Papa had sent her a musical card telling her how much she was missed. She was very excited and has played it several times. My pretty girl......


  1. I'm glad you guys went and had a good time! It was great that MB was willing and available to go! Thanks for today, I loved it!

  2. I loved it too - especially us being the only ones in the pool. It was great being with two of my most favorite women in the world. Talked to Dwight about next month and he said - GO! So I guess it is official - I would love to go. Will get more details later like the exact dates. Thank you for the invitation. I have been SO sleepy since my shower but finally finished studying for tonight. :)


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