Friday, August 19, 2011

Ear infection ---- who would have thunk it?

BigD decided he wanted to go with me to my regularly scheduled Oncology appointment yesterday.  One of the nice things about this group is that unless your numbers are different, you get to see one of the PA's or ANP's. It was nice to see Katie yesterday - she is such a sweet young woman. After talking for a bit, she examined me - starting with my head and ear since I told her how bad I have been feeling.  An ear infection! Really? Color me surprised - I have never had an ear infection! We always felt fortunate that neither one of our children had ear infections back when a lot of kids were getting tubes put in their ears. At least I now know what is wrong. She said it was affecting my throat, sinuses and causing the bad headaches. She prescribed Cipro ear drops and told me to be sure and use them all and to continue with
Advil for the pain and discomfort. We talked about my "bite" episodes and she told me she had seen a patient the day before with the same story.  She confirmed that my lymphoma has affected my immune system and since I already attracted biting insects and the reactions were already strong, it would be reasonable to think the lymphoma is making it worse.  I told Katie about my "home remedy" and we both laughed.  She also asked me about my weight loss and I assured her it was on purpose! She wanted to know why I think the new WW program is much better now. While she was out of the room getting a prescription for the Cipro, we overheard the doctors outside our room discussing one of the doctor's patient. One of them asked if the doctor wanted to continue with the course of treatment he was using or did he want to try something new. It made us feel good that they discuss the patients with each other. We could also hear the concern in their voices for the patient. The good news is my own numbers were good again so I'm good to go for 4 more months! I told Katie I had asked the nurse who drew my blood why my BP is always high when I come to them and it isn't when I go to my other doctor and how she and the other nurses laughed and said every one's BP is high when they come here.  I asked Katie why they said that and she said because no matter how many times they get a good report, sub-consciously - they are waiting for the other shoe to drop. That once you hear the "C" word in connection with your own body, you don't necessarily think about it every day but it is always there - in the background. Things that make you go hummmmm.  On a side note - my good friend Eileen called to see what was going on and could not believe I had an ear infection because she had just had one the week before.  She had ended up in ER with it and they gave her antibiotic ear drops too.  She told me it would take three days before I feel better but we were both amazed that neither of us had ever had an ear infections before and now at this age....  I told Page last night when she called that I still think it might be a virus going around. 

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