Friday, November 30, 2012

And this little Piglet went to......

I had a lot of company today. Vera, Yonn and Tonisha came by this morning while out in service. It was so good to be with them for a little bit. We talked about them picking me up in the afternoon to make a few calls with them next week. I so hope we can start doing that.
I grabbed this picture to show off Yonn's earrings and necklace. She makes all of her own jewelry! You can't really tell by this picture but they are very nice looking.
I made them all pick a piece of chocolate candy from Dwight's stash. When he sees it on sale he buys a box or two. After they left, I was feeling low about not being able to see Marlan yesterday. Within a minute or two, I turned around and saw her and KennaKat at my back door! What a nice surprise! She may have told me she was coming but I honestly don't remember it if she did. I'm just happy she came because I have really missed her lately. I changed the TV to the shows Ruby and Max and Dora the Explorer for KennaKat so we could have a nice chat.
This isn't the best picture of KK but she really enjoyed her ice cream. I mentioned that Sherry had promised to bring Piglet for a visit this week and Marlan told me she was planning to do that today. Within the hour, Sherry and Piglet were at my back door too! He is about a year old I think but still very, very frisky! Sherry compared him to a teenager and I thought that was pretty appropriate. He was so excited he was shaking all over the place! He is such a pretty boy.
Notice the cute little Panda beside KK - yeah - you won't see that again! It was all over once Piglet got hold of it. I told Sherry to take it home for him once he had removed the eyes. :-) You could tell he wanted to bite on something and after Sherry told me his teeth had fallen out, I realized he might be teething and "needs" something to chew on. Hopefully she picked up a "chew-bone" for him on the way home. KK got her NO NO "down pat" within a few minutes. She was so cute saying it to him every time he jumped toward her.
He kept sniffing the chair Miya was sitting in when he got here. I have never seen her act the way she did today. When he first galloped into the living room, she blew up like a puffer fish and then took off down the hall! It didn't help that her nails have been clipped so I'm sure she felt pretty vulnerable.
It took a few tries until Piglet finally climbed up to stay and let me love on him a bit. Of course, he didn't want to leave Marlan out.
I really appreciate Sherry bringing Piglet to visit with me. I hope he has enjoyed his new stuffed Panda (minus eyes). I'm also glad I got to be with Marlan and KennaKat. I can't believe she will be starting school next year. Such a pretty little girl and so sweet. Dwight gave sausage to Deborah and Tony. It was good to see Tony when he came by to pick it up. I can tell he is still sad and so tired from the emotionally draining roller coaster he and the family have all been on.   

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