Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another wedding......

I wasn't sure I was going to be able to make it to this wedding for several reasons - one being my stomach not doing well these past few days. Since the wedding was out of town, I wanted to make sure I could get home before dark since I would be going alone. I also wanted to support the wedding party and families so decided I would be okay to go. I keyed in the address to my GPS for the fastest route and boy was that a mistake. I40 was not only under construction but it was jammed pack full of people heading down to the beach. I felt like I was going way out of my way to get to the address but my GPS got me there right after the wedding party had gone in. Everyone looked beautiful and I only got emotional two times. I was glad I missed them walking in because that would have probably made me tear up too. After the wedding, we were told the reception would be at 6pm so we all went to eat at Smithfield's BBQ. It was great to be with the entire McM family. I called Pat Clark Kent with his new spiffy glasses! It was so good to see him and his lovely bride. Everytime I see him I think the word - miracle! I know Roseanne was happy to have all her children and grandchildren with her. With all the turmoil she has experienced these past two years she has learned how strong not only she is but these wonderful adult children she had the privilege of raising and raising well. I got some great pictures of a lot of people but didn't get a single one of the bridal party. After we ate, we went over and sat in the garden of the reception hall until 6pm. After waiting until after 6:30, I knew I needed to get back on the road so I could get home before dark - especially since I had decided to take the "avoid traffic and highways" route. The reception hall was gorgeous! I would love to have a place like this for a special party one day. Even the bathrooms were elegant with marble everywhere and so clean. As much as I hated missing seeing the bridal party and enjoying some of the desserts, the trip home was lovely. Not only was it scenic, it was much faster. I had planned to pick up some Krispy Kreme doughnuts but they are still closed. BigD called and asked me to get him a ribeye sandwich from Fat Daddy's so I picked us up some dessert at the same time. I'll post a few more pictures to give an idea of the beautiful people who attended the wedding. The last one is a treasure I picked in the garden - my Mom's favorite flower - a gardenia. My dear Katarina - so talented and special in so many ways. Of course Keith and J from my KH - such handsome young men.

I love this one of Roseanne with our dear friends from the RTP congregation. I remember when I helped them with their wedding and now their daughters are both grown! It was so good to see both of them. Doesn't Roseanne look ravishing?
And then the dear brother on the left. I remember going on his and his wife's study with Cathy so many years ago when I was new in the truth. I told Roseanne
that he and his wife need to learn how to say No. They are always so helpful at parties and events.

....and then my gardenia -

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