Sunday, May 16, 2010

EI Adventure - Day Three

Wow - is it really day three already? I slept so good last night - Eileen had to wake me so I could get a shower before the meeting. I had fixed a nice fruit salad last night so I had cream cheese on sourdough bread and the fruit salad along with a strong cup of coffee for breakfast. We loved the congregation - they are so used to having people visit from being on vacation - we pretty much had to reach out! Of course the young pioneer sister Eileen had already told we were coming to go out in service with came right over when we came in. The meeting was great and afterward, I found a couple who lived on the Island, got their phone numbers and they said they would love to pick Eileen up for the Wednesday meeting when she doesn't have a car here. I also got the number for calling in and this particular KH has one that you can actually comment on - I would love that. We were starving when we left the KH and went to Yana's for hot dogs and cherry cokes but the line was wrapped around the block. After talking to BigD - we went to Beaufort for the Net House which is closed on Sundays! We found a new place and ate outside on the waterfront. Nice. We also went into a new place and I found a new wine! I'm saving it for the kids when we are all together. He also promised to try and get Mermaid Ridge for me but I'm not holding my breath. After coming back home, Eileen took Daisy for a walk and curled up on the swing outside. Gerl watched TV, SheliaB took a nap and I read a little and checked my emails. Since we stopped after we ate to get Blizzards from Dairy Queen, we were NOT hungry. Gerl and SheliaB wanted to rent some movies so I took this opportunity to also drop by Mae's grandson's sports bar - Ballyhoo. SheliaB wanted some wings so we got them there. When we walked in - who should we see eating but the couple who we met at the KH who will be picking Eileen up for the meetings. Turns out they eat here often and know Mark! So here I site at 10pm and I'm still not hungry. We are watching Blind Side which I could watch over and over and I just finished a glass of wine hoping it would trigger an appetite. I think we are going in service tomorrow so I'm going to fix a small snack and get ready for bed. We do have just one bathroom but so far, it hasn't been a problem. Of course, Eileen bends over backwards - she even emptied out the closets and drawers in both bedrooms and put her stuff in the laundry room. She is just too sweet.

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