Monday, May 17, 2010

EI Adventure - Day Four

Another day in Paradise. We got up and jockeyed through the "getting ready" process. I fixed some scrambled eggs with cream cheese and Tuscany Bread with butter - YUM. We met Al at the KH and drove about 30 minutes way out into the country to work a lovely road. It was cloudy most of the day and even drizzled off and on. I took quite a few pictures of trees and plants today but this one won my heart. After service, we had lunch at Yana's. I got a delicious beef hot dog and a cherry coke. One of the few places you can still buy the real things. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. We only went into two shops after lunch - Yana's shop (next door to restaurant) and one other that had some cool doo-dads. Believe me, that was plenty. Gerl and SheliaB went to the grocery store to pick up supplies for tomorrow's dinner - SheliaB is going to cook her famous baked spaghetti. Eileen and I took Daisy for a walk on the beach - this is the first time we have been on a beach together since the 60's - what good memories of those times too. Some young girls were walking down the beach so I asked them to take our picture with my cell phone. I can't believe what good pictures that little phone takes. We were both so excited to find a storm off shore had left us some really nice shells. They were larger than normal and none of them were broken. Then Eileen found a sand dollar that was totally intact. Neither one of us could remember the last time we have seen one of these delicate shells. The walkway to the beach is so nice - she went door to door asking the neighbors to all pitch in and one of the men was a contractor and they all did a beautiful job. The brick path to the walkway was done by a man who owns a landscaping business back home and he had his crew come down and do that. There is a sign listing all of the people on Eagle's Nest and Holly Court who contributed their time and money to pay for the walkway. Me thinks Eileen would make a good coordinator/planner/supervisor myself. SheilaB, Gerl and I are having a wonderful time and have started relaxing big time. We cut up the chicken I bought and I made chicken salad which we had with the leftover roasted veggies for dinner. Yum. We also had more Key Lime Pie which is a double Yum. And so ends another day in Paradise.....


  1. Is this beach close to the Terry's place? If so, I'll need you to write down all of the cool shops that I need to check out while down there :D And all the cheap, yummy eateries :)

  2. It is about 20 miles - I will.


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