Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Time and unforeseen occurrences befall us all......

How true those words are and yet we still get caught unawares when it befalls us or someone we love dearly. I ask myself how many times I've used those words to help someone understand something they may be going through that might be so hard at the moment, they feel they will never recover? Made a spur of the moment trip to Virginia yesterday afternoon. Drove Roseanne up to be with her daughters - she can't work with a broken arm anyway and of course the nicest part of the trip was being able to spend a few hours with my babies. After I dropped Roseanne off, I arrived at their house in the late evening as they were trying to get some plants in their garden before the expected rain came. Leah didn't tell Page2 I was coming and she was very surprised. She wanted me to see her new skateboard her Gma got her and how well she was doing on her new scooter.Notice the little piece of hair sticking out of her helmet. So cute!!! I love where they live. I feel the tension start leaving my body as I walk along the creek that runs in the front of their yard looking at the wildflowers, plants and mosses as I listen to the water running along the creek bed. The white flowers are on a small dogwood tree but I've never seen any that were this creamy color before. Lovely. I also love how their house looks from the outside all snuggled

into the side of the mountain behind them. I have a great picture of Kurt picking berries on that hill behind their house. The highway in front of the house is very busy but the beauty
around them offsets that somewhat. It was nice to walk around outside with Page2 while her Mommy and Daddy

were racing against the sun setting before they were finished. Another nice thing was that it wasn't as hot as it has been. By the time we all got inside we needed to have the heat turned on for awhile to take the chill off. Page2 wanted me to show in a picture how much she likes butter. She found the tiniest little yellow wildflower right before it got dark and held it under her little chin. If you look closely you can see the reflection of the tiny bloom. We don't know the name of the purple wildflowers but they smell delicious. Maybe my dear friend and fellow blogger - VioletsGarden - will recognize it and make a comment to let us know what it is. Page2 and I picked a few of them and I found a nice shot glass in the cabinet so we could enjoy them for a little while. Even though this wasn't the best picture of them and was a little blurry, I had to put it on my blog so everyone could see Miya's pretty brother - Hiro. You just can see his little face peeking around my green water bottle. I was so surprised when I went inside and sat down. He came right to me and climbed in my lap so I could rub him for about 5 minutes! When he comes to our house, he never lets me touch him. Of course he doesn't need any humans to touch him when he is here - he has his pretty sister! I noticed a new whimsical shower curtain in the downstairs bathroom. I love it! After they all got their showers, Leah cooked a really nice meal of pork chops, lima beans and corn and snap beans. Then Kurt showed me some of the skits from the SNL that Betty White hosted on his computer - she is amazing - 88 years old and still going strong. We didn't watch all of them because Kurt wanted me to watch some of the Paladine - Have Gun Will Travel series he has. This is a program I grew up with between 1957 and 1963. He loves the old campy TV series BigD and I watched as kids. I didn't get to spend as much time with Page2 as I would have liked because she had to go to bed but I thoroughly enjoyed the time I had with all of them. We got to bed around 1am and I vaguely remember Leah getting Page2 up for school before I rolled over and went back to sleep in her bed.
I love sleeping with her in her bed - it is the same bed I slept in as a child. Roseanne decided to stay a few more days since her oldest daughter was bringing her car up anyway so I decided to get back home. I didn't even brush my teeth!!! Even though I bought enough clothes for longer, after running a brush through my hair and cramming a baseball cap on my head I jumped in my dirty old car which I had filled with cheap VA gas the night before and made a detour to one of my favorite coffee shops for a big cup of strong coffee and an egg and cream cheese sandwich to go. It rained until I got completely off the mountain but the traffic wasn't too bad. I was hoping to drop by Ann's on the way home but she never called me back so I stopped at Arby's and brought some lunch home. Thanks Kurt, Leah and Page2 for the hospitality on short notice.

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