Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Put on a happy face.....

I changed the date and time for this post because it actually is Thursday at 1:20am. I got some sleep last night but for some reason was totally exhausted. For some reason I was so sleepy after supper I couldn't hold my eyes open. I climbed into bed to rest my eyes and woke up around 9:30 which means I slept about and hour and a half. Now I can't get back to sleep. Go figure. I had a full day in service including going on a study w/Gerl which was good. After the study, Gerl and I met the two Debs at the Club House to do a little more planning for a party we are giving in July. I got to work with one of my favorite sisters this morning and enjoyed her as I always do. At one house, I had to get out of the car and use my cell phone to take this picture. We were working in the country and I saw the smile in this post as soon as the car stopped and they got out to walk to the door. Art is everywhere if we just have the time and opportunity to notice it. I do find that when I'm in the country, I notice these types of things more than when we work city territory. This was the first house on a dirt road and we stopped in to visit a sister who lives on that same road who is now attending our KH since the congregation she was in has moved their location out toward SouthPoint. I think she was pleased that we dropped in. I got to speak with both Leah and Kurt today briefly. Leah said it had rained good today and I told her we are still hoping for it. When I crossed Little River yesterday on the way home, the water level was very high but Gene reminded me today that they got rain - we didn't. Isn't it strange how that works. My sister Rose lives on the other side of town and sometimes she will call me and ask if it is raining here and it will be as dry as a bone but pouring over there. I was reminded again today that I missed seeing several old friends at the SAD I missed when I went to the wedding. I really wish I had gotten to see this couple who have moved to serve in Panama. They brought pictures and everything. Maybe the next time they come to town or who knows? I'm not shutting the door on the possibility of going there sometime. Don't ask me what I would use for money but stranger things have happened. Rie and I called on Grace today and she had ordered a book about England and Ireland. I would love to have the time to look through it in detail. It brought back many memories of mine and Roseanne's grand adventure almost 9 years ago. I showed Rie on a map the area we lived in for two weeks. Great memories.

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