Sunday, May 2, 2010

OBX day 3 - the party is over.....home again, home again, jiggety-jog

NO - It can't be over already! I have to add a few more from yesterday. I have decided it is impossible to take a bad picture of this beautiful young woman. She is the middle daughter of my childhood friend who ended up becoming my Niece when I married BigD. The first one also has her cousin DP posing his manly pose. He is a good looking young man too. His Dad is GG's oldest son. I'm was going to try to upload a video of him dancing with his beautiful Mom at the reception but accidentally deleted it from the camera before I put it on the computer. I think I have just a picture of them though. They were the first ones to get on the dance floor - oops - No that's wrong. The dance floor was full of the small children from the time they arrived. The music was great - not only the band but the music that was played in between their sets. I do have a video of the Bride and her Dad fighting the "strong breeze" to walk down the aisle though.
I also got a great video of the Mother of the Bride being escorted out. All the other's I got of her don't do her justice. I'm convinced there isn't anything she can't accomplish once she puts her mind to it. This is her first daughter to get married and she confided that she felt that it would hit her later last night or today. Even though her daughter had been on her own for awhile, it still talks to you when the first one gets married. I attempted to upload that video but after an hour, I decided to give up. Here is the picture I mentioned above. You could tell they have danced with each other many times. My nephew did real good when he married this lovely, talented woman. He has a son (married with his first beautiful granddaughter) from his first marriage and two sons and a daughter with this wonderful, serene woman. We all like her very much. This is "their" oldest son who is studying to be a doctor like his Mom. So back to today. I told BigD last night I wanted to have a nice long cup of coffee out back at the water, take a shower and take our time leaving. NOT - not sure what happens to him but come Sunday morning, you gotta getup and get out of there NOW. Got a cup of coffee to take with me then had to wash the coffee pot - no time for a shower - no time to sit out back, we gotta go. I did insist on stopping to get breakfast. He usually doesn't eat breakfast and I have to almost fight with him to keep my own eating schedule. The little bird landed on the light pole as we "raced"
through McD's for breakfast and then I got to take a very quick shot of one of the horses (created by a local artist and all of them are different) scattered throughout OBX as we exited the McD parking lot. Then it was over the bridge and on our way back to the "real" world. Good-bye water, good-bye marshlands, good-bye strong salty breezes, good-bye time to just sit and feel the earth move under you - I'll miss you more than you can imagine.

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