Saturday, May 29, 2010

Friday night at GG's....

Had a very busy day yesterday - an 8.25 hour day in service. Didn't plan it that way but studies take precedence - meaning you go when they let you - right? Got to spend time last night with some of my favorite people which is always nice. BigD must have been reading my mind because he called just as I was going to call him to say GG's youngest daughter was in town and he was thinking about making his famous seafood soup and some fresh shrimp and I said - "I was just going to suggest we go down to GG's to eat and drink some wine". Are we really getting that N'Sync? :-) I love this picture I got of her and her oldest daughter from the shower we gave last month. She asked me to bring my laptop so she could see the pictures I took of her daughter's wedding. GG is experiencing some major pain with her hip/back/leg and is on some serious medication for it which makes us all worry. She seemed to enjoy our visit and the good food, pictures and conversation. I told Pamalama to pick up a flash drive and I'll download the pictures to it. She just dropped it off but I just got out of the shower and am going to be getting ready for the wedding in a few minutes. Hopefully, I will have some nice pictures to share. Wish I felt a little better but maybe the good company will help.

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