Tuesday, May 18, 2010

EI Adventure - Day Five

Another full day today starting with having our coffee on the swings and then we had bacon, cream cheese eggs and toast on the good Italian bread for breakfast with Yvonne's good coffee. Gerl and I walked down to the beach to put our feet in the water. I hate it when I loan someone something and it looks better on them than me. What's up with that?I let her borrow one of my hats and she looks great in it! After the first shock of cold from the water, it feels good but not good enough to swim in yet. Eileen and SheliaB joined us and we all walked some. SheilaB has to be careful because of her knee and Eileen's hip bothers her. I did get a good picture of them though. We have been having to put up with the jets from Camp Lejeune flying over our area all day long. We think they are training but it is so loud because they are flying so low. Then Gerl insisted we take one of us to send to my sister and her sister who work together where Gerl used to work too with a note saying - Missing You! Oh yeah - they are just going to love that aren't they? After awhile, we all went up to the benches on the walkway and enjoyed the ocean breeze and the sound of the waves (when the planes weren't flying overhead). We came back and sat on the swings with Eileen and Gerl riding the bikes from time to time. I pulled some of my CD's and we cranked up some music, popped some wine and Corona's and at one time, me, Gerl and Eileen were dancing away. SheilaB got a video but can't share it for some reason. We all looked good in it if I do say so myself - at least I think we did on that tiny screen with my not so excellent eyesight any longer but in my "mind" we looked "good". :-) SheilaB and Eileen came inside to get supper started - Eileen wanted to see how she makes her baked spaghetti. We weren't ready to eat yet so we sat, swang, danced, and listened to music. Oh yeah - we do so know how to chill out. We keep saying we need to get a good picture of all four of us together but that isn't going to happen tonight unless you count this one of Gerl and SheilaB on the deck. Personally I love it. We hated to come inside - the breeze from the ocean felt so good while we sat under the trees and did the "tres in da win" thing. Of course little Daisy has had it made this week between me and Eileen holding her constantly. Of course, she always wants her Mama but when Mama is busy, I'm a good second best. As a result, I haven't had to miss my Miya too much since Daisy's hair is covering my black pants just like Miya's does. Such a sweet little dog - I will miss her. Of course Eileen had to show everyone her "walk the dog" hat.
BigD and Miya have been on a mission.  Evidently there is a small mouse in the house and he said Miya runs up and down the hallway all night looking for it. One day when I called, he held the phone to her ear while I talked
to her and he started laughing. When he got back on the phone, he said she was rubbing her face all up against the phone as I was talking.
Sweet baby girl. Gerl and SheilaB go home tomorrow and tomorrow will be my last whole day. Not a happy thought so will shelve it until I have to think about it.
Sweet, Sweet Dixie. She know who the princess is here.

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