Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Lovely Sunday .....

I love these eyes - they make me feel good. I'll have to say today has been what I can officially call a "good day" so far. I slept until 9:44am (yum) after which I had my first cup of coffee while I read the Sunday comics. BigD cooked one of his delicious breakfasts - eggs, grits with cheese and butter, bacon and biscuits with butter and raspberry preserves(double yum). I can't wait for Bentley to have one of BigD's breakfasts at the beach in August. He may have to take his Operation activites up a notch up each day to compensate. Sadly, I had to discard my peonies but Kurt sent me a picture of one he got from his yard. His caption on his txt msg said "every day can be Kurt day". Cute. Ruth called yesterday to say her Mom had her dig up some peony bushes and did I want them? YES! Not sure they will grow here but plan to try again. I might give one to Katarina in case mine don't grow - we can get flowers from hers. :-) Then I studied my WT for the meeting, folded some clothes and got ready for the meeting. We had an excellent speaker today and the WT study was very interesting. Eileen raised her hand twice and got to comment once. She is doing so well - it makes my heart swell to see it. Oh - I almost forgot - I got to the meeting today almost 15 minutes early! I know - unheard of but was nice to have time to visit with people I find it hard to get to after the meeting. Duh - the reason we are encouraged to get there early! You could feel that people were a little more relaxed today. Could it be because they don't have to go to work tomorrow? Maybe but it is also a gorgeous, bright day. I rode by GG's to give Pamalama the flash drive but she wasn't there - she came by a little later on her way to her sisters to pick it up. She brought back the dishes we left down there Friday night and we gave her the dishes we brought home. BigD is making BBQ chicken, cole slow and I'm cooking some taters to be mashed with butter and milk. YUM! Leah sent me a picture of Page's "cheart" - it is a piece of cheese she cut into the shape of a heart - ergo - "cheart". :-) Then she sent me another one of some nesting dolls they bought at the rock show. We love nesting dolls and these are cats. You can see how tiny they are beside Leah's hand. They always have fun at the rock shows and see all kinds of cool "stuff". She also said Kurt has tons of meat (steak, chicken, fish and franks) marinating and he plans to cook it all. BigD added a little something extra to the sauce today - not going to tell what. If he likes it and adds it again, we will wait and see what the kids think of it. Tasted good to me - oh yeah - I took a break and ate my dinner. The cupboard is bare as far as sweets go so I'm baking the roll of sugar cookies I bought awhile back to let Page cook - the expiration date is May 25th so that's close enough isn't it? So it is now 7:14 pm and the sun is just starting to move a little lower in the sky. Yep - I feel summer right around the corner. Hope the bride and groom have a wonderful honeymoon, that Roseanne's children all get home (or to the beach) safe and sound and that everyone out there has had a lovely Sunday also.......

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  1. such cute nesting dolls! :) tell them that they need to tell me the next time the rock show is in town!


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