Saturday, May 22, 2010

Winding down.......

Had to share my beautiful peonies now that they are all opened up. Just spoke with Eileen who said their new bed is everything they wanted and more. The sale was so good they went ahead and purchased a new Queen mattress for the other room and are giving that old one to their daughter. It must have been a great sale. BigD called awhile ago to say they were on their way to Blue Point to get some clam chowder to go and were going to cook some shrimp and a few of the flounders they caught for dinner tonight. I'm sure it will be good since they are all excellent cooks. As I was dusting today, I noticed these stones I picked up on a beach in New Hampshire. I love stones - don't ask me why - I'm drawn to some of them. Page2 loves all kinds of stones also - her Dad used to fill his pockets with rocks when we were in service and her Mom has been collecting semi-precious rocks and stones for years and has helped her start her own collection. They go to the shows when they are in their area. These particular stones made up the beach - the sand was right at the water. It was odd for us to see people sitting in their beach chairs on the rocks but evidently is was perfectly normal for them. When I checked the mail yesterday, I found the satin roses - hair pin and corsage had arrived. I ordered them from an artist on Esty. I have several knitted ones and have enjoyed them on my coats and sweaters so thought I would try some for summer. The only disappointment was that I waited too late to get the corsage in the deeper pink. I do think I will enjoy it in lighter shade also though. As I sit here in my little living room surrounded by the things that bring me pleasure, my eyes rest on a painting I purchased at CenterFest downtown quite a few years ago. I took Mom with me and we both enjoyed slowly walking from booth to booth - a good memory. I fell in love with this painting and the artist was truly not charging enough - especially since it was already framed. As we were walking away, I noticed the signature on my newly purchased piece of art and went back to the booth to ask the artist a question - and it turns out she was the wife of my GYN!!! I was even more excited about this lovely watercolor of one of my favorite places - the beach I was just at this past week. Several years after this I asked my doctor if his wife was still painting and he said that she wasn't. She had taken up golf! Wow - if I had that talent, I don't know if I could just stop like that. I just remembered that I also bought a pair of unique earring and a necklace made of small, smooth stones - yep - I love them! So between the picture, the stones and the phone call from Eileen, I guess I'm still winding down from my beach trip - I can honestly say the relaxation and memories of this trip have lasted longer than some of my other trips. It was nice to know that Eileen, Gerl and  SheilaB have been feeling the same way - we are going to hold on to those feelings as long as possible.......winding down............


  1. Love the painting, and the flower pins, and the stones :) I'm a rock collector myself. Alex always brings me in rocks from his "explorations" outside, and if Makenna has pockets on her dress in field service it is a 100% guarantee that they will be filled with stones and nuts found along her path :)

  2. Thanks for the comment Katarina - I'm convinced children with great imaginations see beauty in all of nature. I'm glad I have an imagination - it has brought me much joy in my life.


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