Sunday, May 9, 2010

Yard Sales/Lingerie Showers/Anniversary Party -- busy, busy.......

Yesterday was a very busy day! Mae had invited me to come down to their cottage for the weekend but I kept my word to my dear friend Gerl to help her with her Yard Sale. I finally went to sleep around 3am, woke up at 6am and got to the yard we were using for her sale 2 minutes to 7am!!! I know - how is it I did this and can't seem to get to the KH before 9am to save my life! Oh well, my job was to be the "money" person so I wore the apron I used to wear at the store "from the garden" when I worked there because it has pockets in front. They came in very handy for the money - quarters in one pocket and bills in the other. I brought a fruit salad for later but a dear friend showed up and was going to another sale and said she would pick us up a biscuit. There went any idea of the fruit salad and yes, it was yummy! Okay - just as we were finishing the biscuit, out comes "homemade cinnamon buns" warm from the oven! Oh man - they were delicious! AD definitely knows how to cook - they were not too sweet but very tasty. We had a very nice breeze which was good as the sun got hotter and hotter. We found ourselves moving our chairs constantly to avoid the sun and were very thankful for the large tree we ended up under. It was a lovely day for a Yard Sale and we had good traffic all morning. Gerl and Jen have become experts in Yard Sales - they learned from their Mom. We talked about how the things we thought would go right away didn't and the things we felt might not sell at all jumped off the table! One of our first customers had the cutest little boy. He was very friendly and had the sweetest smile. We had another friend who was having a Yard Sale yesterday but hers was for mostly big pieces - she and her hubby may be moving and they are downsizing drastically. I asked her today how it went and she said it was good but she is having several more over the next few weeks. We are so hoping she doesn't have to move to another State but we will have to wait and see. Later in the morning, Keith and EA stopped by to see how we were doing. We always enjoy their company if only for a short break. I noticed my apron got heavier and heavier as the morning moved toward afternoon. I had to get this picture of our beautiful Carolina Blue Sky. I love big white clouds like these - they remind me of laying on a blanket in our side yard as a young girl looking up through the trees. It was also nice to have AD's mom drop by on here way home from work. She works 12 hours shifts at Duke Hospital and wanted to stop by and see what we had. She found a few things she liked. I also picked up a few things I liked - I know - I know - like I need anymore "stuff" in the tiny house. One thing I got should help with some of the clutter. The important thing is Gerl and Jen made quite a bit of money! I was happy for them. After I left the Yard Sale, I drove to my sister Saundra's house for a much needed haircut. It had gotten so long I couldn't do a thing with it. I was still hot when I got home so I jumped right into the shower and it felt delicious. After resting awhile, I got ready for the lingerie shower. Lauren did a really nice job hosting the shower and she and her sister worked very hard with help from their friends. I've been to another shower at Hidee's house - it is perfect for these types of parties. So open and airy with the nice deck under the trees. The breeze made it very comfortable to be outside while we ate and we even stayed out there for the games. I reminded her I was due a breakfast with her, Ann and Lin. Everyone is so busy it is hard to do what we need to do, much less the things we want to do. I was happy to see that Roseanne didn't seem to be in too much discomfort but she is so good at "keeping a stiff upper lip" it is hard to tell sometimes. Hopefully she will find out it was a clean break that is healing now and she will not need surgery. I love this picture of Lauren, Roseanne, Sher and Jes. Roseanne and Sher have been very close friends for many years - since Lauren was 2 and Jes was still in the oven. If Jes wasn't at Lauren's house, Lauren was at her house while they were growing up. Aren't they all beautiful? I love the picture of the bride with 5 of her 6 bridesmaids. It was funny because the bride and the mother of the bride wore she same color dresses and didn't plan it at all. Great minds think alike I guess. I took tons of pictures and uploaded most of them to FB. I had to share the one of me and Marlan with these beautiful young women - looking at it brings back good memories. I have to put a few more from the shower including the the lovely cake that Katarina made. She has become an expert at making and decorating cakes for different occasions - just one of her many, many talents. I also totally love the picture of Rose after she took her beautiful big orange bow out of her hair one more time! She was getting tired of yanking that thing out!
Today was also a good day. I finally got some much needed sleep (9:15am) and had plenty of time to study my WT for the meeting. BigD cooked a nice breakfast/brunch and I made it to the meeting on time! DebC wants me to help her throw a 5th anniversary party for her daughter and her hubby next month. Since her daughter is one of my favorite people, I am so happy to be a part of it. We all went out to an early dinner after the meeting to make some definite plans as to size, color theme, and food. Since most of us insist on head shots only these days, I had to cut our little helper out of this picture but I cut and pasted her in. She is not only beautiful but very smart and was an excellent little helper. When our meal came, her Gma had ordered her a salad and I was amazed at how she ate it - I mean she ate the whole thing! I told her Gma that my Page didn't start eating salads until she had moved to Atlanta. Wow - a girl that little not only eating salad but loving it. I'll end this post with a picture of me and Roseanne that I "snatched" from Sher's pictures on FB. I know - I can't help myself I LOVE the look on Roseanne's face and after all - once they are put on the web - they belong to anyone - right? Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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