Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday all day long.......

Recognize this? It's the huge, weighted hula hoop I purchased for quite a sum of money to exercise with and guess what? It still has the tag on it! Surprise, surprise! I have a picture of Page trying to use it that shows just how big it is. It looks nice against that wall though - don't you think? I think that picture is on my other computer so will add it later. The cable guy came at 7:00AM!!! He got everything working again so that makes us happy. Had a productive day in service today - all morning door to door with Gene, Gerl and a sister visiting her daughter from Buffalo, NY. We worked semi-country territory which was pleasant. Gerl went with me on my study with Shen and we enjoyed having it on her front porch. It was also nice to be with Keith for a little while. My dear friend has been having so much pain lately and some of it has come to a head so hopefully some healing can begin. I have a doctor's appointment in the morning and I'm not looking forward to it but plan to go ahead and face the music. Get it over with - maybe it will inspire me - yeah, right! Had a call from Ruth in Florida asking me to pick her up at the airport tomorrow afternoon. Her daughter and daughter-in-law purchased her a ticket so she could come be with her Mom for the funeral Friday. I'm glad she is able to be here even if it is for such a sad occasion. Inez looks good in the pictures doesn't she? We were planning to spend some time together later this summer but this visit will replace that. They are going to be very busy planning their trip to the Rodeo in Wyoming but I'm going to miss it. And yes Ruth, I snatched this picture also. I also love the one I posted of your Mom when she was much younger. Page has reminded me several times that your Mom's was one of the first responses she got for my Love Book several years ago.

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