Wednesday, May 19, 2010

EI Adventure - Day Six

Adventure is almost over - and was over today for Gerl and Yvonne. It was a bittersweet morning with them packing and getting ready to go. After they got everything packed and taken to the car it was time to say good-bye. All of a sudden - the swings were empty. What a sad feeling. It was then time for Eileen and I to get dressed and drive into town to return the big yellow and orange sun she had purchased. She decided it wasn't right and we agreed it definitely cost way too much. She did purchase a king sized white wood and wicker headboard and frame. After that chore was done we drove across the street to Pier 1 Imports - I can't remember the last time I was in one of these stores but I still love them. We made a few small purchases during which time I had a total GERD attack - you know - the one that mimics a heart attack. Oh yeah - fun, fun. I had forgotten to take my Prilosec this morning so they got me a bottle of water and it passed. Then I took Eileen by Mae's two cottages so she will know were we will be in August when the whole family is down. As I was walking around the side of the cottage toward to the water - all I could do was fill my lungs with that fresh sea air off the water - she said she finally understands what I mean by the smell. Nothing like it. Then we rode down to the two shops I try to always come to when I am down and picked up a few things I have been wanting. After that - we realized we were running out of time and had to get home to get ready for the meeting tonight. We decided on a quick supper from Micky D's which was yummy. We got to the meeting early and our new friends Amy and her dear hubby sat beside us. The meeting was good with lots of participation. Eileen told me she was going to work on participating more now that she has been to the mid-week meeting too. So the time is fast approaching for me to say good-bye to Elvis and all the other characters I love here including the DQ where we got our second blizzard of the week!!!

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