Monday, July 9, 2012


I am SO angry with myself. As you know, I was tres' disappointed I missed seeing my dear old friends who were here for the Dedication of one of our local KH's. Then I got
a phone call from her this morning telling me she was coming to see me!!! Cubby brought her over and we all three had a quick, fun, getting caught up with each other time. She looks great - never changes at all. Then I got Cubby to use my camera to get a few pictures of us. After many tries, I finally had three that looked great plus a good one of Cubby. I told her I would send them along with a few others I had that she liked. As always, after I edited them, I deleted them from my camera. I don't keep pictures in my camera after I have them on my computer. It prevents having so many copies of the same pictures over and over. So what went wrong this time? I edited them while they were still IN the CAMERA. I normally save them to a folder and edit them there. Once they are in the folder and after I put the card back in my camera, I delete them from the card. I am so bummed. I emailed the other pictures she wanted copies of and asked her to please send me the few she got with her telephone camera. Oh well - it is what it is.
Happily I snatched a few more pictures from the convention in VA. I am so happy Roseanne was able to go and enjoy being with her family.
I liked both of these pictures so much. I look forward to the time in the hopefully very near future when her health issues will be a thing of
the past. I had to put one more picture of Katie up. Like the others, I snatched this from FB and lots of people were asking her where she got that pretty dress. She does have a great sense of style. Dwight has a dentist appointment at 4pm today. He was getting ready to take a nap and asked me to make sure he was awake by 3pm. He didn't sleep any time at all which isn't like him. I didn't think he was worried about his appointment but he was just moaning about having to have x-rays done. I had a nice, long telephone conversation with Zandra (called her Ruth in the past)last night. As I mentioned before, I'm going to start using real names for most people. Anyway, Zandra can't get over how much hotter it is here than in Florida where she lives. It turns out her Mom didn't move into the apartment that is close to her after all. She decided she didn't want to live in that apartment because she wants to live with Zandra. Am I the only person who wasn't surprised by this turn of events? After talking about that and her beautiful granddaughter who has been having serious medical issues for months now, we talked about her coming up to be with us for a bit. She mentioned that her daughter told her she wants to come with her. What a nice surprise that was. At first I told her not to try to come when it is so hot. Now that I've thought about it - why not? We have air conditioning. Of course our Autumns are much prettier than theirs. In other words, we actually have Autumn. I would think they would enjoy the changing colors of the trees as they got further north. Either way - I can't wait to see them.

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