Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lots of little things.....

As I've mentioned before, this blog is the closest I've ever come to actually "keeping" a journal. What is the difference? I am sharing memories, experiences, ideas, pictures, and so much more "immediately". If or when I stop posting, I would like to have the entire blog printed out including the pictures and have it bound. I know it can be done.  If I decide to keep writing until.......it will be up to Kelly, Jessie, Douglas and Page to decide what they want to do with it. I have been feeling a little better lately which is a good thing. However, I am not feeling better enough to be totally active which is a bad thing. Why? Because I have a computer and a credit card. (Not a good thing. :) I have been so frustrated with my little camera lately.
It has been a decent little camera but lately, it just isn't taking good pictures. Half of the ones I take have to be erased.  I looked at some nice high-end cameras a few years ago after admiring some great pictures on a friend's blog. To be honest - not only can I NOT afford them, but honestly believe most of the bells and whistles are rarely used by anyone who isn't a professional. It reminded me of a very expensive, high-end camera I purchased a few years before digital cameras out came out. Pretty soon, that expensive camera was all but obsolete. So if you know anyone who would like a very nice 35mm camera, have them get in touch with me. I asked my two experts their opinion on the one I was looking at and decided to go for it. It isn't the most high end camera but is much better than the Fuji.
For example, I took this picture with the Fuji a few days ago.  I planned to reminisce about how I came to own it but realized I've more than likely already done that. It should be a few years back when I talked about riding the Harley as a girl. Anyway, I love the unique shape and how I came to own it even though it isn't very comfortable. 
I took this one today with my new Canon. Can you see the difference? It is subtle but I can definitely see the difference. The Canon doesn't have the little grip I was looking for but is heavier (not too heavy) and I seem to be able to control it better.
For the most part I will be taking pictures on Auto but I do want to invest some time to learn how to do a few of the creative things this camera will allow for. It will require some trial and error but I'm going to try. One thing I know I like so far is how
how crisp and clear this "zoomed in on" picture turned out. With my other camera, it would look really fuzzy at times. Also, when I would crop the pictures, they would look fuzzy. I snatched a few more pictures from FB including this one of the desk and chair in it's new home.
The picture on the desk looks so pretty with it. I'm glad she is going to be able to use the desk in her beautiful new home.
My kitchen bamboo finally has to go. I bought this one already in its cute little vase/pot. Now I can't get it out to re-use the pretty vase/pot so I've put it on the porch for Dwight to tackle when he gets a chance. I really need to get some new bamboo for the living room too. I will add that to my ever-growing list of things I need to do.
Our beautiful Dorothy is still with us. She has truly been a miracle in so many ways. We all love her dearly and will grieve deeply with Monica when she is gone.
Monica with one of her famous hats she wears in the delivery room I'm thinking. She tries to create a positive environment no matter where she is. It always makes me happy when someone truly loves what they do. So many people spend the largest part of every day doing something they either "get it over with" or even hate. How sad is that? I ran
across an item about my Radiation Oncologist. It made me so proud of him. Copy, cut and paste to see for yourselves.  http://ondemand.duke.edu/video/31670/david-brizel-saves-a-babys-lif

I will close with a picture of a view of Durham from the Rolling Hills area.


  1. I can see a difference too! I love my canon that marlan gave me a few years ago after the other one she gave me was stolen (she's so generous!). It has been through many bumps and bruises along the way, thanks to the kids accidentally breaking it a handful of times, but Brandon is always able to pop it back into to work mode the first time he touches it, no matter how many hours I spent on it first :-l I'm glad you went ahead and got a better camera, it's important to have a reliable point and shoot for those of us who truly appreciate pictures, but don't know how to go through all the fuss and doo-dads of a fancy one. Love you!

  2. Trish...how do I comment on a specific thing that you say on this blog?
    Rose Koeller


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