Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sleep Deprivation...

I am definitely suffering from sleep deprivation in a major way today because I was wide awake all night long. I drifted off around the time Dwight got up at 7:30am, slept for about two hours and have been trying to stay awake all day since I have a medical appointment with my surgeon tomorrow morning . I talked with Tony and he said Ennis is improving slowly which was a relief to hear. I'm sure my busy mind over her condition is part of the reason I didn't sleep. I told Tony we hope to come by tomorrow after my appointment. He also said she has been able to open her eyes some, has said a few words, knows who is in the room and understands what is being said. Jen has been so good about letting me know what is going on. I appreciate that so much.  I have so many wonderful young women in my life - some for many years now. This lovely woman to the
right is one of them. She not only doesn't age but it seems she is more beautiful every year.  I have loved her and her family for many years. We have always known of some similarities in our growing up years. Some good, some not so good but unless you can look back at your childhood through the eyes of an adult, you will always allow those things keep you from reaching a true maturity.  We have to look at the different events of our early life and appreciate the good that can come from some of the most difficult situations; but only if we learn from them. She is very artistic, creative and talented in so many ways. One thing we have in common is our love of the beautiful country sides, villages and cities in Great Britain and Europe including Paris. Marlan and I have always regretted we weren't able to spend some "real" time there. We do treasure what little we did experience in spite of my migraine and her bad  headache. That helped us to slow down and enjoy the things we really wanted to see and experience. I also snatched this lovely picture from her FB post.
I am not sure where she found it but it is exquisite. You can almost feel the breeze softly stroking your skin, feel the warm cup of tea in your hand, and smell the freshness of the green plants as your sleeping cat stretches it paws out against your back with a soft contented sigh.  The simple wooden structure with the gauzy curtain blowing around your shoulders makes you think of clean wooden floors that have faded and been softened with much washing and use over the years. I love the colors in her dress with the flecks of golden color that matches the cat and her cup.  Sigh..... Beautiful.

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