Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wasting time...

I can not tell a lie - I have wasted a lot of this day so far. I almost finished the crossword puzzle, cleaned up a little after Miya, brushed my teeth, took some phone calls, watched a little TV and then I opened my computer and that was all she wrote. I checked my emails, researched the larger condo and sent an email to the kids with a new link to the condo we might get for our trip. After being told it will be Thursday before we will know if we can get the condo, we worked out some alternate plans for the cats.  We watched a little more TV until Dwight finally made the final decision that this is what he wants to do regardless of the cats or the cost. After reading the kid's emails, it appears they feel the same way and it is going to be a go. I think everyone is starting to get a little excited. I'm not going to talk about it until we have the condo nailed down. They will let me know Thursday if the cats will be allowed but I'm going to call them early to let them know we want it with or without the cats. We were hoping to get it for 1/2 a week but the saving isn't enough to pay for even one night.  It is better to go ahead and rent it for the entire week.  Dwight and I will be the only ones who will go down for the entire week.  Our main reason for taking such an expensive trip is so we can all be with GG in her new place. Dwight got to go down for a day and stayed with her daughter who lives there to see for himself how she is doing.  He was relieved to see she is in a nice place and feels she is much safer there than at home alone. It has been hard for our kids because the only time they ever get to see her is when they come to Durham. We wouldn't be able to do this unless we were getting off-season rates and had a good credit card.  Even though it is going to be tres' expensive, she is our oldest matriarch on both sides of our family and we miss her.  Once Kelly told us she was going to see if she could drive up and crash one night with her cousin and drive back home, Dwight and I started talking about trying to do this.  Kelly and I have started remembering our trips down in the winter as a family when the kids were younger and we had a trailer in the same little town down there.  We always enjoyed ourselves there as a family and feel sure we will this time too.

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