Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sleep - Elusive sleep...

So why am I still awake this "early" tomorrow morning? Who knows - Dwight is snoring away and I'm glad. He worked a few jobs today in this horrific heat. Some of his friends have been sharing their fresh tomatoes and he has really been enjoying them. Color me sad - I love good tomatoes - or at least I did. Oh well. This too shall pass.
I received some beautiful flowers from my sweet family up north today. They were thanking me for having them down and I feel like I should be sending them flowers thanking them for coming down. I have been missing them a lot this week. It would be nice if we could all see each other more often.
My beautiful Sterling Silver Spoon (circa 1914) Bracelet arrived today. I love it as I knew I would. It means a lot to me that this pattern was designed and came out in 1914. Page bought a few of these bracelets for herself and two friends who helped me out quite a bit. I fell totally in love with them. I also filed all of my nails down today. I'm not sure why my nails have a
tendency to crack right at the quick. (You can barely see the little white spot right at the quick) I filed them all down today and hope this one will not split more before it grows out a little. They are still stronger than they were but aren't anywhere near as healthy as they were three or four months ago. Oh well...
This is the latest telephone picture from Patsy of their beach cottage. I LOVE the crab. They are officially calling it The Crab Shack which is also a take on their last name. I love, love, love the colors they chose. They are supposed to be home this week and I can't wait to see her. I'm really looking forward to the meeting tomorrow night. I have been feeling a little cut off.  I think part of it is going from having a house full to --- nada. So here I am at 2:20AM - signing off.

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