Friday, July 6, 2012

Visitors, gifts and a big surprise...

Sadly I didn't sleep as well last night as I did the night before. Have been a little sleepy off and on throughout the day. Have also felt a little sad today knowing my kids are at the convention and I'm not. That sounds really selfish doesn't it? Oh well - as hard as it is to believe, I am not perfect. :) If I want to have a pity party, I will. Too bad I can't "whine" (drink wine) - Dwight bought some KJ for when the kids get here. Boo Hoo.
Frank and Pauline came by bearing gifts. This sweet little book about cats.
Ever since the CO talked about Miya, she has become pretty popular. Everyone wants to talk about her which is fine with me. I think she is pretty special myself.
I don't know where Pauline bought this but it is obviously hand made. Of course Frank produced the really big gift - a large carton of Ensure. I am kind of excited about this new purchase since it doesn't have as many calories. It
has the protein I need but not as much fat/sugar. Of course Miya went straight to Frank's legs and he noted that behavior is in the first chapter of the book. Then she jumped up behind Pauline and tried to butt her head but Pauline jumped like a rabbit. Frank just died laughing at her. Turns out Pauline doesn't like this "attention" any more than Vera does. We had a very nice visit with them including comparing all our aches and
pains. Tell me it isn't true! Have we finally reached that stage in life when conversations include a comparison of each other's aches and pains? Marlan called on her way to VA. I know she is going to enjoy the convention with some of her babies. She will stay tonight with her youngest daughter. I love this picture that was taken of her when she and her older sister's family were in Hilton Head last week. It was good seeing the pictures of them all relaxing and having fun.
We also talked about the big surprise of the day. Yep - our dahlink Katrina is with child number three! It was a big surprise to her also according to Marlan. As you can tell from her announcement, they are pretty excited
about the new addition to their little family. She is due around the middle of February - a winter baby. Wow - a lot of stuff going on these days. I got to see another picture of the newest addition to our KH. She is getting prettier every day. Her parents and older sister are all over the moon about her. From looking at the other pictures, I do believe she is going to be as tall as her Mom, Dad and older sister. I talked to Chelsee earlier today about Ennis. She reported that Ennis is still improving and we are all hoping her recovery will be speedy and thorough. Thank goodness she has such a loving and supportive family.
I feel bad that I'm not in a position to help them right now.  It has been a pretty good day today. I got into the office and filled the trash bag full of papers that needed to be tossed. I can not believe the amount of paper that comes into the house through the mail.  I was keeping every little thing we got from the insurance company but decided that was crazy since we have a record of most of the money we have spent through our checking account. The saddest part of this is that one bag was just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. I'll close today's post with more good news. Shelly sent me a message telling me since their brother will be in our city Monday before heading back to NY, she and her sister Betsy are coming to Durham and bringing her twins.  They plan to come by here so I can not only see them but these two beauty's. Yea..... so excited! 

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  1. It WAS a big surprise!! But a lovely one! Glad you get to see the Cav fam this Monday, what a treat! What did the CO say about your kitty?


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