Thursday, July 19, 2012

A hot summer day...

Sadly I slept late again this morning because I couldn't get to sleep last night! Arghh. Hopefully my inner clock will re-set today and I'll get back on a good schedule. It is still steaming hot outside but I did wander out to the deck a little earlier to get a few pictures.
These are my flowers that seem to be suffering the most from the heat we have been having. Dwight has been keeping them watered but when you compare them to these
others that look pretty good - it is apparent that the ones who have morning shade are doing so much better. Jen and Katrina will never know how much I appreciate their hard work so that I can have beautiful flowers to enjoy. The pitiful looking table in the top picture has about seen its last days.
It was built as a prop for one of our dramas and the brother who built it gave it to me.  I'm going to ask Dwight to look at it and see if he can make it a little sturdier, wash it real good and maybe I'll paint it later.  A nice Sage Green would look good wouldn't it?  I spoke briefly with Katrina today when I was looking for Marlan. She said she is still feeling tired and suffering from nausea but thinks it will get better soon. She was in the process of setting KennaKat's room up. I need to call Jen and see what a good time for me and Dwight to ride out and get my water cup will be.  Matt sat with Ennis yesterday and kind of brought me up to date and Tony added more to the news via email today. I'll be so glad when she is feeling better. I had text messaged Marlan earlier because Dwight and I were wondering if she was going to come over today for our Family Study. I asked Katrina where she was and found out she went to a water park with Sherry and Sherry's niece and nephew. I sent Marlan a text message telling her Dwight and I are getting tired of people snatching our "Marlan" time.
They responded by sending me this picture of themselves with a note saying - Na Na Boo Boo. I'll have to admit, I am not jealous of where they are at all. It would be different if there was some shade anywhere around but the one time I remember going there, it was white, hot concrete and long lines to be in the water for short periods of time. We went to
one at the beach one year that was really nice - it had nice benches under trees so you could keep on eye on the kids while reading a book. That is my kind of water park. From the picture, it looks like they do have some shade so maybe they have improved. I hope they had fun. I had to share the picture I snatched from FB of one of my all time favorite flower - a Peony. GG told me years ago that when she was growing up, every front yard in the South had to have at least one Peony planted in it. I have an older friend who has one that has white blossoms. I tried planting one in my yard but it died. The only shrubs that have lasted in my yard are the Azaleas I planted years ago.  I gotta finish preparing for the meeting, get my shower and rest a bit. Can't wait to see everyone.

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