Monday, July 23, 2012

One more try....

I had my first acupuncture today for this second round of treatments. I'm having one on Thursday afternoon, next Monday afternoon and the next Wednesday afternoon. After that, I will decide how many more I will get. I told her I wanted her to focus on recovering saliva and loosening scar tissue which she did. It was pretty painful getting all the many needles in place and many of them were going into extremely sensitive areas but I had expected to have pain. Of course, once they are all in place, everything calms down and there is no more pain. She was very excited to tell me she can tell my neck has loosened up some. She said I have been doing a good job with the therapy so I'm feeling a little better about it. Dwight waited in the quiet room for me. I asked him if he wanted something to read and he said no, he wanted to just listen to the water. I understood completely because that wall of water is so calming. I'm not sleeping good lately and am definitely feeling it. We had hoped to ride out to Jen's after my treatment to pick up the purple water bottle Kelly had left for me to use. I finally reached her just to find out she is back at the coast - again. I told her sarcastically how sorry I was she had to be down there again and she replied sarcastically that it sucked. That's okay because my family is looking forward to our week down there in just three weeks. Now if we can just have good weather that week, I will be happy. I just realized that it will be one year the week we are the coast since I got home from there last year and developed the now famous "ear ache" that led to the miraculous discovery of my Melanoma. I wish I could say I feel that I will be 100% by then but my therapist today reminded me that it isn't going to be the case. She feels I will see a big difference before the end of the year that was predicted by my oncologist nurse practitioner as being the time I could hope to feel better. Hopefully my therapist is correct.
I know the pictures are blurry but I found this one little earring in the drink holder well of the car today. It is a clip on so I'm not sure who it belongs to. It is also a little bent but I think it could be fixed. I'm going to put the picture on FB just in case someone recognizes it. If no one comes forward, I will probably just toss it. I was watching the Food Network a lot yesterday and text messaged Kelly and asked her if she had ever eaten at Ray's On The River (whose chef was on Chopped) and she responded with Yum. I Googled it to see where it is located and it isn't that far from Kelly's place at all. It got mixed reviews so I'm not sure if it is still as good as it was when she went there or not. I'll be so glad when I feel good enough to get back down there. I always enjoy my visits there. It keeps trying to rain but so far hasn't been enough to let Dwight off the hook in watering my deck flowers. I've been having a hankering for a big bunch of pansies. If anyone runs across some, please let me know. It is hard to find them around here and I do love them. The quality of these pictures tells me loud and clear that I truly do need a new camera. I want to ask Marlan a question before I invest in a new one but I really feel it is time. OOPS!!! I almost forgot...
I'm planning to purchase this "vintage" quilt. As you can see, there are some tattered places on the edges but Faye said she might know someone who could repair it. I love the soft, old look of it with the faded colors. The green and cream is just what I'm looking for. It isn't a big quilt but big enough for what we would use it for. I've got to decide if I'm being foolish to pay the money for it. More to follow....


  1. Try cleaning your camera lens before looking for a new camera. I was looking for an old quilt for quite some time. I know what you mean, it's hard to tell if it's worth the price tag or not. Did you find this one off of etsy? I have found quite a few that I'm in love with, but they certainly aren't cheap.

  2. I love the dresdan plate pattern My Grandma made a beautiful one, but sadly we used it to death.


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