Sunday, July 8, 2012

Being a grown up?

Yes - I'm working on being a grown up or at least not being as whiney as I have been. As you know  I decided not to go to the convention in VA with my kids this weekend. I really appreciate Jessie sharing some of it with me last night. 
I love this picture Jessie took of Page and KK. Notice the chains around their necks. Jessie said Page asked her to buy them another BFF necklace similar to the one they had years ago and it is so cute.
One lives in the mountains of VA and the other lives on the coast of NC. I found out that Briana had Doug, Jessie and Page join them for dinner with an old friend who has been in Bethel for years. I am sure they all had a good time getting caught up. I would love to see any picture that might have been taken of that.
Jessie also sent me this picture of a dragonfly she took. No - it's not real. At least I don't think it is. I  hope there will be more pictures from today. Briana commented on FB about how wonderful Bro. Herd's talks have been. I can't wait to hear the recordings of them. I enjoyed our meeting today. I wasn't feeling well at all but pushed myself and lasted through the entire meeting; associating quite a while afterward.
This beautiful young couple came back and visited with me a long time after the meeting. (I snatched these pictures from FB) I told them how beautiful they both looked (and they did) and they laughed and said their three children spent the weekend with their grandma resulting in them having a nice, relaxed and romantic weekend. It showed. They offered to bring me and my chair home so I took them up on it.
I'm not whining but didn't realize I had forgotten all about trying to get up with this lovely couple. They haven't changed a bit (another FB snatch).  Jen and I had a plan but with everything that has been going on with Ennis - it totally slipped my mind that the Dedication talk was this weekend. When Alice mentioned that it had been nice but extremely crowded, I realized I had totally forgotten. When I told her, she told me she doubted I would have been able to get close to them because of the crowd. I still feel a little sad about it though. I'm not sure when I would have another opportunity to see them and get caught up. Oh well -that is what email is for - right? Guess what? I got my wish! Just as I was going to close out this post I got some more pictures from Jessie!
Now I will not only be able to listen to Brother Herd, I get to look at two pictures of him with my beautiful Page. The picture of him bending over and talking to her reminds me of the one we have of her with Brother Jackson doing the same thing. I love the picture of Douglas and David. I know David was happy to see so many people from home. We are all so proud of him and his wife.
I decided not to put this one in the collage. I love the look on her face and how pretty her hair looks. Her Mom told me last night she was going to use the little curlers to see if it would hold at all. It looks pretty good to me. Ahhh - I feel like I got to "be there" just a little bit. Now I can look forward to my company tomorrow.  I do wish the house was in better shape but hopefully we will be so busy with the twins, no one will notice.

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  1. I wish I could have been there this weekend too. It broke my heart when we couldn't. The first time in 5+ years that we didn't get to go to that one. Very sad. Can't wait till ours! Love you!


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