Friday, July 20, 2012

Reminder - always read labels before..........

"Safe to swallow - On the back under Warnings: among other things -- to prevent contamination, replace cap after each use. Keep out of reach of children. Store at below 77 degrees. Use within 3 months after opening. Contains milk and egg derivatives." Yeah - that is what was on the label but did I read it before ingesting it? Uh - that would have to be a big fat NO. Page had encouraged me to please use the oral balance dry mouth moisturizing liquid at night before going to sleep.  I did and woke up very soon after with a horrible burning sensation in my throat and down into my chest. After violent coughing for several minutes I proceeded to throw up over and over until only nasty bile was coming. It wasn't pretty and I felt rotten for quite awhile.  SO - I decided to look at the label and realized it has been open for nine months. Color me totally DUMB.  In my defense though - who would think that mouthwash would go bad? I mean, really!
Miya and I have been taking it pretty easy today. Dwight had a few jobs but was home in time to see his cousin Winkie when he brought back a wonderful piece Page had given me awhile back that broke. It is made of cast iron and Miya had knocked it over and it broke in two pieces where the feet
are attached to the leg. I decided to protect it from Miya knocking it off the dresser by putting it on top of the entertainment center near the other one I have up there made of wood. Every once in awhile I think about maybe catching one of the performances through the ADF. I have great memories of the many performances Kelly and I attended when I subscribed.

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