Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Big family gatherings and......

We had a lot of family in the house this past weekend. Kelly flew in Thursday night and took charge. She is a wonderful organizer and knows how to keep everyone engaged. My sister's family got on the road around 3am Friday morning and arrived in NC around lunch time. They went by my sister's grave site before coming here. It was so good to see them - it had been a year!
Page bought me a pretty blue shirt and slacks and Dwight and Doug new shirts.  She is always on the lookout for us. I hope she knows how much I love everything she has ordered and bought for me. Dwight made ribs and potato salad for dinner Friday night while Lori fixed Tater Tots for Paul. Amy had sent two cakes over and Kelly had made a Chocolate Eclair cake so there was plenty of food. Douglas, Jessie and Page got in later Friday night and pretty soon after that, the Kikuchi's went back to the hotel. Saturday was a very, very busy day with over half of my family being in the house by Saturday night. Kelly organized some activities throughout the weekend including Frankie's Arcade in Raleigh, a new local pawn shop (they were curious about pawn shops after watching the TV show about them) and picking up lunch for everyone at Cook Out. They don't have Cook Outs in Pittsburgh. How sad is that?  Paul chose my favorite Cook Out Shake - Chocolate Malt. YUM. Too bad I now hate chocolate. Kelly did pour me a little of her Vanilla and it was good.
I was taking this picture while Dwight was beside me cooking a huge grill of his famous BBQ Chicken Saturday evening. Faye brought a Banana Pudding to add to the dessert list. Dwight got a little upset because more came than was expected. He hates it when he thinks there isn't enough food. It turned out okay and I think everyone ate.  Dwight said he didn't eat any chicken - not even a chicken wing.
I had to include the picture of Douglas and Stephanie's Tats from Frankie's. They were so proud - called themselves Hulk and Thor.  Sunday was a little more laid back.  Alice came by to say hey to everyone.  Monica worked all weekend but Sid, Jr. did stop by early Sunday morning. He didn't want to wake anyone up but told me later he kissed me on the forehead while I was sleeping.  It was hard saying good-bye for another year but I'm going to focus on how happy I am they came. Then it was just the six of us for a short time after which we had to say good-bye to Douglas and family which is always hard. I made Kelly promise to wake me up before Dwight took her to the airport early Monday morning and just that quick - it was over.
This is what Miya and I did most of the day yesterday. I did have an afternoon appointment with the surgeon who operated on my nose four months ago. He said it is exactly where it should be in the healing process but I have to massage it very hard three times a day while watching TV. I decided I wanted to wear my beautiful watch Brian bought me awhile back and was excited when I had to take one of the links out because it was too loose. Don't get too excited - the extra link was necessary when he gave it to me so it would fit. :)
I sent a picture of it to the kids. He bought me, Jessica and Kelly the same watch and we all love it. I may have overdone it a bit this past weekend. I've had several episodes and am still tres' exhausted. I've got to get busy now and make some appointments for the next few weeks. I also have to decide if I want to try acupuncture again or not. I need to do it soon or I will have to pay the initial fee again.  Decisions, decisions......

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