Sunday, July 29, 2012

When it is time to "act" like a grown-up....

Every so often you have to suck up and act like a grown up. I don't say that it is easy or something we always want to do - I'm just saying you have to know when to say - okay. Today was that day for me and my dream of getting to the District Convention next weekend. I spoke with our COBE and he said the facility we are going to will not allow any kind of "folding chair".  Even though my chair isn't a "recliner", it is folding and it does lean back and stick out a little in the front. I told him about how Wally has offered for me to listen to the CD the congregation will get of their convention. I gave our COBE Wally's number to check into how to get a CD for our convention too.
It has been a pretty nice day today. I had to place this plant against the screen on the porch. Miya threw herself at it trying to get to the birds who eat out of the bird feeder and tore it away at the bottom.  I know it is just a matter of time before she will push her way out.  I think I'll look for a piece of board to put here instead of the screen.
BigD has been keeping his man-cave in pretty good shape lately. I have planned all kinds of things I have wanted to do with this porch for the past 37 years but have decided to just let them all go. It really does belong to BigD and I don't think he would appreciate any of my ideas. :)
I told Sher I was going to snatch this picture of her and her Mom from FB because it is so good. I keep threatening to catch a ride up NORTH the next time she goes for a visit with her family. She doesn't say a word when I say is kind of like..... "maybe if I don't mention it, she will forget it" kind of silence. yuk yuk Before I left for the meeting today, I asked BigD to take a picture of my hair so I could show Page. I am amazed by how curly it is now when I first wash it.  Of course, I lay back in my rocking chair-recliner (car seat, zero gravity chair) all the time so it is usually pretty flat with big cowlicks everywhere.  This is what it looks like right after I wash it.
I had him take a picture of the front but I'm sorry - not only do I look horrible in every picture now but the front of my hair doesn't look too good. It is much thinner in the front. The back looks thick but believe me, it isn't anymore. Everyone tells me it will get thick again but I'm beginning to think that is not going to happen. I do use a little Aveda Curly lotion (tiny bit) and then just do a quick dry and scrunch it with my hands.  Like I said, it lasts until I sit down again and lean back. Oh well.
What an unexpected but very pleasant visit! I know - the pictures are terrible but hopefully that will change real soon. It has been awhile since I've seen Amy so it was good to get caught up. Karen made her tell me her good news about work. She got a nice promotion and raise!  I am so proud of her. She is going to start going to Dumont and Karen went with her today. I plan to talk to Roseanne and Judee about reaching out to her because she is so shy. I'm so glad they came over today. I started this post around 3:00 and it is now 8:30 so we had a nice long visit with them. Jon even took a nap. The little stinker  would NOT hug me good-bye. I told him I was going to tell on him to his Mommy. :)
A few more goodies from the gift bag I got this past Thursday night. I wore my little pin to the meeting today. Even though pink is for breast cancer, it is being used more and more to represent all forms of cancer. I like the gold basket and have an idea of how I want to use it. It is starting to get dark outside. That means the days will start getting shorter again which always makes me a little sad.  This is the kind of night I always loved as a little girl.  Staying outside until it got dark because it was getting a little cooler and there was the  potential to catch a few lightening bugs.
You don't see many lightening bugs these days. We used to punch holes in the top of old mason jars and catch the lightening bugs in them. Then we would take them inside and turn the lights off. We would always release them before going to bed. One night, we released them inside and  Mama was not happy about that at all. We don't see many of these lovely little insects anymore. Man is quickly causing the demise of so many of our insects with over population, light pollution, and pesticides. It was always magical when one would light on your finger and you would watch it closely as it's little tail would click on and off. Magical......

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  1. So many things I like about the south. Lightening bugs. How fun. So is it impossible to go to the convention if you don't have your chair? Could you go for a short time in a regular chair? It sounds like you are getting to some meetings? Are you. I've heard that when you're dealing with cancer you have to dedicate a year to it. I guess that means you're on the down hill side of the treatments. Do they know yet if they got it all. How long do they think it will be before you can actually eat food? I have heard so many good things about accupuncture so I hope it starts to give you relief. We continue to dig out house out of the slime it's been immersed in for obviously years and years. Have to take the day off tomorrow for mammogram and bone density. I will sit for a long time, that's good. When I visit my mom I can rest there to after a little walk. sigh. I don't know about you but being grown up isn't all it was cracked up to be somedays.


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