Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Still happy but little sleepy....

Guess what?  It has been exactly 9 months since my surgery.  Actually, I'm very happy. I did not sleep at all last night but Dwight said I finally fell asleep around 7am and slept good until 9:45ish. I had plenty of time to get my shower, dressed and was on the way in good time. It
poured rain through our whole drive over and thankfully, we were able to get out under the shelter going into the Clinic. After we filled out papers, we didn't have to wait long at all.  I asked Dr. Scher about the CT Scan and he said he saw nothing on it to be concerned about. Whoo Hoo! I was very, very pleased and so was he. Since I had looked at it myself, I did have a few questions and he answered them right away. Basically, it looked great and I was happy, happy, happy. He numbed me and took several pictures through my nose and throat. He was disappointed there was still tons of gunk down there but I already knew that. One of the pictures shows just how bad the thrush is way back in my mouth. He let me have a copy of the pictures after he went over them but I will not put them here. There is some scar tissue where he took the cancer but mostly it just shows the gunk. He did say the redness isn't as bad now and that it is just going to take time. He is going to schedule me a time to see my radiation oncologist.  He was surprised I had not seen him yet.  I laughed and told him I was wondering about that too and was starting to think he just  didn't love me anymore. We both laughed. While I was getting ready for my appointment, Dwight took a call from David who was asking about coming over. Dwight gave me the phone so I could hit re-dial.  He was driving so Shannon took the call. She said they were on their way to get a bite to eat. Evidently he had been next door at his Dad's so I told her that I would love to see them if they were still around when I got back.  That really would be perfect - having the girls and babies yesterday and then him and Shannon today. What more could you ask for? I sent a text message to his number as soon as we got home but haven't heard from them. Oh well - he only has a short period of time to be here and there are so many people who want to see him. I am not going to complain - I have been blessed knowing Doug got to be with him for awhile and I got to be with the two girls and babies yesterday so I'm definitely happy. I told Dr. Scher I had been lazy about my exercises because of the pain and he said he totally understood that. He also massaged my neck pretty hard from the back and I asked if that was good to do. He said it is good to do it as hard you I can stand it. I'm calling Matt
to let him know we are back on. I also did my stretch exercises while I was waiting for him and promised myself I'm going to do better.  Dwight asked him if he thought I would have a problem coming off the Oxy when it was time and he said he really didn't think so. Now I can focus on this coming weekend with all my loved ones. I have been thinking about this for so long and can hardly believe they will be here in a few days. I love the picture above of Michael and Lori. Until then, I think I'll try to take another nap.  zzzzzzzzzzzz

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