Saturday, July 28, 2012

Been in limbo too long....

Okay - In 17 days, it will have been a year since my ear started hurting right after our vacation last August. Twenty two days later - we had the real diagnoses and the long adventure began. I don't know if the word adventure is the one I'm looking for but it has been some trip. I do know it has been well over 9 months since the surgery and I'm still here! I found out this week there will be a PET scan in October. That will be about three weeks after the 1 year anniversary of the surgery. I have two appointments scheduled next week for acupuncture so I'm really hoping things will start falling into place. I woke up today determined I was going to be more active. I told Dwight that I wanted to go and visit Ennis followed with stopping by Kroger's, Pets Mart and Costco. I felt pretty strong and positive. We finally found the facility but had no idea how large it is. We walked all over the place
until a very nice man noticed we were lost and offered to help us. He and his wife have an apartment in the independent living part of the facility. His wife told him to go with us which was a joke because we had to almost run to keep up with him. We know we walked over a mile at a pretty good pace. Every hallway we walked through, he explained where we were. He pointed out the beautiful artwork in the area he lived in and explained they were all done by the residents. To say I was impressed is putting it mildly. After using codes for elevators and walking up and down winding
sun rooms and hallways we finally arrived in the right part of the facility. We waited in Ennis's room for quite awhile and were told she and her daughter had gone for a walk. The next person told us she had been gone over an hour so we thought maybe they had gone for a ride or something. We stuck our name tags on her bed so she would know we came and left. Alas - I left another water bottle in her room - again. This time it was the pretty one with a dragonfly on it. Her daughter has the other one I left in Mae's hospital room so I'm hoping she will keep this one for me too. That meant I needed a new water bottle so I picked one up when I was
in Kroger's. I really like it. It says it will keep drinks hot or cold. It isn't what you would call an actual thermos but it is somewhat insulated. Dwight dropped me off in front of Kroger's and went next door to get Miya's food. I picked up some strawberries, blueberries, bananas, my favorite Greek yogurt, Biotene toothpaste and gel (didn't have chewing gum) and my new water bottle. I was now officially whipped so I sat in the car while BigD went into Costco. He had to get more Ensure and Prilosec. I had a good rest, studied my WT for tomorrow and tried not to fall asleep. I want to sleep better tonight so I'll feel more refreshed tomorrow.  I just watched a good SciFi movie about time travel. I do love that type of movie. Now I'm watching another SciFi movie about Stonehenge. It just started so I'm not sure what it is yet. Marlan and I were both happy we got to go there and do the walking tour while listening to what information about it which actually isn't much. They have a regular voice telling you the facts they know and then you hit a switch on the earphone and its a voice with a strong brogue telling you about the folklore. There are some really great pictures on the internet
if anyone wants to get a better look. I have been thinking a lot about our truly wonderful trip to England, Wales and Paris. I need to pull out my album from the trip and take a little walk down memory lane. This past Thursday night after the meeting, a very dear sister followed me to the parking lot and gave me a large gift bag full of goodies she had put together for me. I was totally caught off guard as she has only been coming to our congregation since after I first got sick. She has visited me with the other friends when they have come by while in service and I've heard some really nice things about her and her family.
These are just a few of the goodies that were in the bag. I love my new Love Bear. I called her to express my deepest gratitude to her for thinking of me with so much love. And that is the only way I know how to put it. It was obvious that every thing she had put into the bag was picked and placed there with love. So sweet.
I'm happy to say my "new" - "old" quilt and pillow cases are in the house. It is obvious they have been used a lot which makes them more special to me. I wonder why that is? Could it be that as I've gotten older, I have started appreciating older things more? Works for me. So dear friends, thank you for listening to the "boring meanderings" of a wandering mind once again.

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  1. You are not boring! I love your blog :) Sorry that you didn't get to see Mae after all that walking and effort. How thoughtful and sweet of the sister in your hall for those gifts! I LOVE your new quilt! I love old (vintage) items that have had another life and a good story to go with it. Marlan is repairing an old quilt from her mother or grandmother for Makenna to use. It's going to be so special! Glad you were able to get out and do so much. And I am so sorry that you wont be able to bring your chair to the convention :( I can only imagine how disappointed you must be. Love you!


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