Friday, February 11, 2011

48??? impossible....

How can it be? And yet I called my sister Ruth to confirm - my niece Ann turned 48 today! I knew her birthdate was one day after her Mom's but could not remember how many years there were between her and my oldest niece - Dee.Since this picture of me kissing her was taken in December of 1964, that means she wasn't quite 2 years old here. What a sweet little girl she was. I held and rocked her to sleep many a time in Daddy's old rocking chair. When I stayed with my sister and her family for a few months while BigD was in Great Lakes for training, she always begged to sleep with me. One time Ruth let me bring her home with me for a week while we lived in Norfolk. It had been warm when I was at home but it turned off cold after we got to Virginia and every day she asked when we were going to the beach. BigD was away on the ship the whole week but finally I packed her up with towels, blanket, lawn chair, bucket and shovel and we went to the beach. I let her play while making sure her lips weren't turning blue but at least we went to the beach. When her Mom and Dad came to pick her up, we all went to an amusement park and rode the rides. She was happy again.

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