Sunday, February 6, 2011

food, family, friends and flowers....

BigD's seafood soup - yum - scallops, shrimp, taters, etc.... I love the broth and of course you haveto have fried cornbread. Almost made myself sick the other night eating this.Everyone who knows us at all recognizes this - a grill full of his BBQ chicken. It got so bad when we were younger that people would drive by on Friday night just to see if he had cooked this delicious meal (mashed potatoes and cole slaw as sides). They would hang around to get any leftovers! It was crazy. Had a really rough Friday and Saturday. Got very little sleep both Thursday and Friday night and by Saturday, was downright sick - mostly from no sleep but also from another little stomach something-something. Great meeting today and it was so pretty when I got out, I took a short ride and stopped by Jeri's house to visit with her awhile. It was nice being with her and talking about old times. Started working on the books tonight - I know - Type A and procrastinator to the nth degree. Got the AR worked out, now have to reconcile about hmm 9 months worth of checks and pull together everything for taxes. Plan to have it all done before I leave in a few weeks - IF - I can find everything. My pretty roses were drooping really bad but the color was still great so I trimmed them and wrapped a rubber band around them. I refuse to toss them as long as the color is so nice. I think they originally drooped because I forgot how thirsty roses can be. You know me - I'll keep them until they dry up to nothing if there is any color left. I also love these little bottle tops with a braided "key chain" attached that Jo gave me the other night. I couldn't find them when I was sharing the other things from Tuesday. Of course I also have to brag on Page - shereceived a Certificate for Exemplary Achievement in the Honor Incentive Program at her school. The lady with her is the Principal of the school. We are all very proud of Page and happy she is having a pretty good year so far. This is a picture of Hiro - Miya's brother. You can see up close just how pretty and blue their eyes are but we are also amazed that he keeps them open. He gets real curious when they take pictures --- you think? And of course I had to share a telephone picture BigD sent me of TT on our last trip to the coast in November. I sent it to TT and BigD told me to send a text message telling him that "even a blind hog can find an acorn every once in awhile". Men!

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  1. glad you're feeling better! And so proud of Paige :-D Hard work pays off :)


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