Friday, February 18, 2011

Steaks, taters, and cousins getting caught up....

Page flew into town Wednesday evening and it was so good to see her. She had a busy day at work on Thursday after which she went out to eat with a co-worker who had recently moved to our area from their Rochester, NY location. They had fun getting caught up and then she insisted on not only bringing Page home but coming in the meet me! Yikes! So she saw me in my old PJ's and we made our way back to Page's room where we laughed and talked about everything. Page had tons of training all day on Friday so was beat when I picked her up but she was more than ready to go down to GG's for dinner with her, FarMor, Pam, Leif and their three girls .It was so nice having time to visit with FarMor - she is such a dear sweet lady who loved my Mama to pieces. Mama used to catch a ride to work at the factory with her from time to time and they always looked forward to their times together. Her son is one of the sweetest young men in the world. It's funny because Page and Pam are cousins and the girls are Page's second cousins. GG is 15 years older than BigD and got married young which means her two oldest children are older than BigD's youngest brother who was a late in life surprise for Dwight's Mom and Dad. I first met GG through her oldest daughter and she later became my sister-in-law. I treasure all the times I've had with her and her late hubby. I've mentioned on here how sad Leah has always been sorry that she never knew my Mom or GG's hubby -David - who died not long after Kurt and Leah became serious about each other. She saw him in passing one time and wasn't able to make it down for their 50th wedding anniversary party. He died very soon after that party - we all miss him - especially GG.BigD did a great job on the steaks, bleu cheese dressing and delicious taters, green peppers and onions. Everyone totally enjoyed the food and each other's company. Page enjoyed getting caught up with not only Pam but her three beautiful daughters. They all sat at the "kids" table together. We found out the oldest daughter is going to be living with GG for a while which makes us all feel good. It will not only help her save some money so she can finish the program she is in but will be company for GG. Randi seems to be very happy as a newlywed - and of course Marcy is doing great at school. The night was gorgeous, the moon was full (and impossible to get a decent picture of) as well as all our tummies. We made it an early evening since Page and I were going to get on the road the next morning for ATLANTA!!!!

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  1. Ok that's it, Big D has to have me over some day so I can taste all of his delicious food and his "famous dressing" enough is enough already :)


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