Saturday, February 19, 2011

Atlanta - day 1

Page and I drove my new car to Atlanta today. Princess Miya did so good in her carrier sitting in the back seat. I wasn't sure how she would do since I usually put her carrier on the front seat beside me so I can stick my fingers in her cage when she cries a little. Page did a good job of keeping an eye on her and keeping her calm from her seat in the front. The car drove like a dream - did notice my gas milage wasn't very good at all but when I mentioned it to BigD - he said - that's okay. I made the best time I've ever made this time. Page got a shower after which her friend Raf (from Beligium) came over and picked her up for dinner. They went to Carrabba's and Page brought me a plate back. I just wanted to take a shower and crash. The excitement for the day was Miya getting out of Page's apartment when we first got here and my heart almost stopped beating. I screamed her name which panicked her and made it possible for me to grab her before she got down the steps. Of course Page than had to remind me that she lives in an apartment! shhhhhh Note to self - right wrist is not getting better - make appointment to see what is going on when I get home.

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