Friday, February 25, 2011

Atlanta day 7......Sips and Strokes...

Okay - I guess I'm still guilty of coloring "outside" the lines. Page booked me, her and her sweet friend from work to paint a picture at Sips N Strokes. It took a while to get there but at least we weren't the last to arrive. This is what it looked like when we walked in-long narrow tables loaded with blank canvases on easels, two brushes, a pencil, a cup of water and a tiny little stool to sit on. Jan was already there and had saved a place for us. We couldn't believe how many people were in the big room. We were also surprised that the canvas was blank - for some reason we all thought the basic shapes would be drawn on the canvas. Uh Oh...I guess that means they really want us to paint???? Yep - guess so.As you can see, we had our wine, cheese, crackers and fruit. We also made a few sandwiches in case we got hungrier.So we were sipping but it was almost time to start stroking. This is the picture we were supposed to paint - yeah - right! If you can't make it out, it is a saxophone with notes coming out of it. Uh Huh. So - our instructor put a blank canvas on the stage and told us the use the pencil to draw something that looked like what she was drawing. I already knew I was in trouble. And then she said to paint the right side yellow so I'm painting over what I've drawn already when I hear her say - "be careful to paint around what you have drawn.Even sadder was the fact that Page and Jan both noticed mine about the time we heard the lady say - don't draw over what you have already drawn. LOLOLOL. Okay - it's acrylic mixed with water - how hard can it be to fix? It was SO HOT in that room they finally had to open the back door but not before Page and I both ended up leaving to sit in the car for a bit.The music was great with the whole room singing from time to time and everyone was laughing and having a great time. Jan decided to call hers Mom, Dad and the little red boy who looks just like Dad.Page decided she wasn't going to name hers and signed it with just her first initial.I just decided to laugh every time I look at mine and so far - that is what I've been doing. I personally think mine looks like an exotic fish? Oh well - they told us to express ourselves so there you are. Overall -we were all glad we went, enjoyed looking at the results of those who have been coming for awhile and seeing how good they have gotten.So would we do it again? Yeah - we all agreed we probably would. Especially if we were bringing someone new.


  1. This is so great and I LOVE your painting!!! I think you did an excellent job. I've been wanting to go to a place like this in Raleigh, but haven't found anyone to go with me....until now ;)

  2. Oh Yeah - I'll go. It was a hoot! I thought about you and wished you were there because you would have blown every one away!!!!!


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