Saturday, February 26, 2011

Atlanta day 8......Douceur de France

Busy, busy day today. First we went to a wonderful French Bakery for breakfast-both opting for an omelet and wonderful croissant with homemade strawberry preserves.They have paved the parking lot since I was here last but left the beautiful, huge tree in the middle. The coffee, omelet and croissant w/preserves were wonderful as usual. We bought me and Bentley a chocolate croissant to go for later and headed back to the apartment to meet Sherry.I already knew Sherry would do the driving - she is a lot like me in that she likes to be in control. I did great going to the Farmer's Market because we went through several down towns and it was so cool. I love looking at the hustle and bustle of busy down towns - especially on a beautiful day like we had today.I was ill-prepared for this particular Farmer's Market - it turns out it is inside a huge building and is international. Oh man - I almost went crazy but tried to control myself. BigD would have loved looking at the seafood alone. Kurt and Leah would have loved all the international brands as much as Page and I. We filled our cart up and checked out. It is almost overwhelming with the people and carts but we were all happy with what we bought. Then we went by for a quick walk-through of one of their favorite antique malls.Man - I wish I had more time but we kept reminding ourselves we had food in the car that needed to be refrigerated. I did make a few small purchases. I bought Page a beautiful pair of hand-made earrings with different shades of blue (blue is her favorite color) that she liked a lot. I also bought some napkins for any future party I may have.We started back home on the highway but soon came to a dead stop.  We were able to get off pretty quick and again come a back way. We dressed and got ready for a movie and dinner with Bentley who drove up from his home about 45 minutes South of us. It was really good to see him looking so healthy. We went to see Unknown with Liam Neeson - I told them I think I watch to many crime shows because I figured it out pretty quick but it was still suspenseful and good. I like Liam Neeson  and he did a great acting job in this movie. We all shared a big popcorn and had a soda to hold us until dinner at Jim & Nicks Barbecue which is located right beside Page's apartment complex.Page and I had a big salad with pulled pork and a dressing of choice. The little cheese corn muffins are really good. Bentley had the pork, cole slaw and brunswick stew. It turns out there are quite a few of these around - including one in Charlotte, NC.After dinner, we all came back to the apartment to visit for a bit. Bentley loved the car and said the back seat was comfortable. Page and I are tired ---good night.

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  1. I love all of the shops, I want to visit Atlanta REAL BAD! I think I'd love it!!


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