Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Atlanta day 4........

Another lovely day in Atlanta...stayed in today and worked on the computer. Had Shen's study over Skype. I think we are both happy we are able to do this. I'm met Page at the Community Center to attend a WW meeting after she got off work . This is the first meeting I've been to in a very long time. I was hoping to not only get the new material but also the little calculator you have to have for the new program but they are out of them. The leader is very good and I enjoyed the meeting. I've been trying to make better choices but I know I need to do more than that. Page has three library cards for this area so far. She loves to read as much as I do and she also uses the library to get movies from. She had me pick out a few to watch when she isn't home but to be honest, this week I've been pretty busy while she was at work. Next week will be better because there are 5 weeks in the month. I do love thislibrary though. It is in the same traffic circle as the community center so we just walked over there after the WW meeting and returned a James Patterson book on tape we listened to on the way home. We had dinner tonight at a new upscale Mexican restaurant in a gorgeous shopping area that isn't too far from where Page lives. Page mistakenly read that their special for Tuesday was $5 Margaritas but we found out that special is normally on Wednesday. We decided to go ahead and have dinner and weren't disappointed. I had a grilled Tuna on top of lovely mixed greens and an unusual dressing. Page had the tripleTacos - three different kinds of fillings - she loved them all. There were giant Lime slices laying around every where and some nice artwork on the walls. We sat in a very unusual booth - very tall back with red upholstery and angled so that we could watch people walk by outside but only those who walked into the restaurant could actually see us. It would be a very romantic table for a young couple.


  1. I love all the unique restaurants, can I hide in your suitcase the next time you visit?

  2. We might just have to work something out.


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