Sunday, February 20, 2011 2

After Page and I took a walk around the complex (with me huffing and puffing) we showered and went grocery shopping at one of my favorite grocery stores in the world - PUBLIX. No - we don't have this chain where a I live so I really enjoy shopping when I'm here. We picked up a few things to get the week started. Later Raf picked us up for dinner. With his French speaking GPS - we found our way downtown to Little Five Points to eat at this lovely restaurant called Front Page News Food. I bought me and Page a bottle of Kendall Jackson Chardonnay to share and we feasted on New Orleans style cuisine.The setting was lovely - with a nice fountain near where we were sitting. I noticed several really nice older homes in the neighborhood that had been restored with some of them being used as commercial property.Raf is such a nice young man and he and Page have become good friends over the years. They always try to do things together when he is here from the home office in Belgium. He agreed to take us to the airport to pick Page's car up so she would have transportation to work the next day. It turns out we went the wrong way and the little French GPS was talking up a storm for a while there. We finally got to her car and raced to the nearest exit to find a clean rest room. We have both been trying to follow Pam's advice to "hydrate" as much as possible - especially if you drink wine, beer or any other alcoholic drink. After we got home Page decided to pull her nice tall queen size air mattress out since I'll be here longer than a few nights. Miya has been very curious about this.....

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