Wednesday, February 2, 2011

hospitality of friends and other stuff....

Wow - I think my new "plan" is starting to work. Now to keep the momentum going is the challenge. Last night I spent the evening with one of my favorite families. They are special to me for so many reasons. When Page got married she wished for me a young woman to study with who would sit with me at the meetings so I wouldn't miss her too much - Enter stage left my beautiful May.I came to love this young woman (with her son) to the nth degree but of course - no one could ever replace my Page. Along with Kurt, she has been the breath of my lungs and the beat of my heart since they day they were conceived. Now Leah and Page2 have joined them in mine and BigD's hearts which overflow every time we talk or think about them. I will have to say this young woman is right up there with them along with her wonderful family. When BigD found out she had married Rndy, he said - is this boy good enough for our girl? :-) I have to laugh about that because he really came to love this beautiful young woman. I can't think of anyone who has ever been in her company for longer than 15 minutes who doesn't. I know - just like with my own children - I'm prejudiced - just like I am with my sweet Ann and her family.We have loved her hubby and his family for years and years but we came to love her before she officially became one of them. She always had her study here (after her first one) and seemed to enjoy being a part of our little family. I found out later how much she liked being able to come in our home, to open the fridge to get what she wanted and make herself at home just like she was ours and of course in our hearts - she is. It didn't hurt that Page, Kurt and Leah already adored her. So I know how blessed I've been with these wonderful young women in my life and I treasure each one of them. May outdid herself last night with baked ziti, salad with homemade dressing and delicious homemade bread (I "knead" to get that recipe). While we had our study together with the kids - we could smell the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies that awaited us. May and I played Uno with Abs and Jo - I had forgotten how to play but caught on again real quick. What delightful children this wonderful young couple have - I so enjoyed being with them. I loved holding Jo's new pet who went to sleep on my chest. I enjoyed when Drubie finally slowed down, got ready for bed and let me hug and kiss him goodnight. I went back to the girl's room to tell them goodnight and to admire their new bed.I LUV it and can tell they do too.This young lady works so hard to be everything she should be. It seems like just yesterday she was a baby and now she is in the 5th grade! When did that happen? Of course she was blown away when she found out that Page2 is only 3 months younger than she is. When I turned the light off in their room and walked down the hall past Drubie's room, I whispered - goodnight - I love you and he whispered back - goodnight - I love you too. My heart swelled. I just realized I don't have a picture of Rndy - what? I've always felt close to him also - I was priviledged to study with his Mom before she died. I know he misses her but he is a wonderful Dad and I'm very proud of him.While talking with Abs and Jo - it reminded me of when I went to elementary and junior high. I follow a blog about the county I live in and this picture was on their post. Wow - talk about memories - I went to elementary school in the new part (left side)of the school and then went to junior high in the oldest (original) part of the school. I can still smell the old wooden floors and chalkboards as if it was yesterday. I can't wait to share this picture with Eileen. Page just called to tell me she was "whipped". She was in meetings and training all day and I think her throat was tired. SO - after having a glass (or 2) of wine, a delicious pasta dish and salad from Manchester Grill and some Heath Toffee candy, I think I will prepare Miya's meds and hope I get a dose in her.I do believe she missed us today because we were both gone all day. I got my hair cut after service and know I will like it once I wash it. It was past time. This has become Miya's favorite "perch" for when she wants to make sure we see her and she can get away real quick when she "feels" we are getting ready to give her the meds. She is just too smart for her own good. So much for getting my talk up---will HAVE to work on it tomorrow and get it done in time to send to May who is going to be my householder. Have an idea but just need to get it on paper.

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