Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is Spring really just around the corner??? AND........

We have had some very nice days so far this week - bright sunny skies with cool (sometimes brisk) breezes and every so often a small glimpse of SPRING!Like the small buds on this tree with a promise of white blossoms in the near future....Or this cute bird that was standing on the tallest branch of this tree, holding on tenaciously as the wind would pick up. You could almost see him holding his face up to the sun.... Yep - I do believe that Spring is right around the corner. Of course the weatherman just delivered the news that it is going to be 28 degrees tonight BUT with a high tomorrow of 62. My Page is flying in tomorrow - she has some training to do Thursday and Friday when it is supposed to get to 75 degrees. So from now on we will be experiencing Spring - like, Winter-like weather!
Once my dear sweet Avalon's mileage flipped to 200,000 miles this past August, the next 6000 miles seemed to rush past very fast. When you need to rent a car to go visit your daughter a few states away, you know it is time to bite the bullet and buy a new car.SO WE DID!!!! Everyone who knows me knows how much I HATE shopping when I really need something. Eileen's daughter bought a car this past weekend and was thrilled with her experience so Eileen told me about it. We stopped by her daughter's house Monday to see it and she gave me the woman's card who helped me and promised me I would never regret it. I called Dee's dear hubby (a wonderful mechanic) who raved about the kind of car Eileen's daughter bought and promised he would be our mechanic of choice because he loved working on them. I called Cyn at the dealership and told her what I was looking for and we made arrangement for us to come up today. BigD and I drove about 35 miles up the highway and both drove the car I had expressed interest in and after talkingabout it for a while - bought it. I called my bank and they transferred funds into my checking account, they gave us a nominal amount for our Avalon sight unseen, called our insurance company, signed tons of papers (at which time BigD came home to find the title and clean out my Avalon) and Cyn and I climbed into my "new" car (it's used) and drove home. BigD switched the plates and Cyn drove my Avalon away - bye bye old girl - you were the best. When I called Page to tell her about it she laughed and said, I told my friend at work today my Mom and Dad are buying a new car today! She knows me too well. So now we are even DEEPER in debt but at least I can feel safe on the highway again. I suggested to BigD that we keep the Avalon with just liability insurance for me to use for service and he said definitelynot so there you go. He did ask me to limit how many times we all eat in the car and he does have a good point there. For what they gave us for the Avalon, we could have probably cleaned it up and gotten a little more but BigD and I are both on the same page when it comes to that sort of thing too. It was worth it for them to take it away. It has been dinged, popped, crunched, banged and smashed more than all the other vehicles the two of us have ever owned together. Isn't that sad? Our best car and yet the one that seemed to attract wrecks. I read somewhere that red cars are involved in more wrecks than any other color - so that's my story and I'm sticking with it - it was a wreck magnet. I think Page is looking forward to driving it to work Thursday. :-)
I just realized something - we owned a Cadillac once before - it also was used and I got it the Monday before my Dad died on Tuesday. I LOVED that car too - it was a much bigger car than the one we got today but you could turn it on a dime. I hope I love this one as much.......


  1. LOVE the new car! So happy for you...I can't wait to ride in it :)

  2. that would be great - maybe when I get back - service?


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