Monday, February 21, 2011

Atlanta day 3.......

Well here we are at Monday - I put together a letter I want to use while I'm here and called Mike to have him critique it for me. He thought it was great. I know I'm driving Page crazy because I'm surrounded by stuff in this cute little apartment but I try to get it cleaned up before she gets home. The weather is gorgeous here - 73 degrees today. Mike said it was still 39 degrees there right before lunch. I decided to take a break and go to the Post Office. I thought I remembered where it was but this time I also have a GPS so I'm feeling pretty confident. Got to the Post Office and guess what? It's President's Day! There were 5 of us walking toward the door and one of them realized right away that it was closed and why. As I got in my car, I realized I had forgotten to get the remote that opens the gate to Page's community. After trying to call her several times I decided she was either in a meeting or maybe at lunch. So I decided to meander a little bit to see if I could still remember where things are. I found the coffee shop I liked so much and decided to go ahead and eat myself.I like everything about this little coffee shop - including the artwork on the walls, the unique furnitureand seating arrangements. Add to that their delicious coffee and home made chicken salad in a fresh, flaky croissant and all I can say is ahhhhhh.
This croissant was absolutely the freshest one I've ever had - even the ones I had in Paris! Page called me back and helped me get back in the complex so I could get the chicken soup in the crock pot. The soup was done by the time Page got home and we had nice quiet evening at home.

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