Sunday, February 27, 2011

Atlanta day 9 .....lazy Sunday

Well - I slept until 10am - wow - that felt so good. Miya was laying beside me looking at me when I woke up. She has been so sweet this trip. Even Sherry enjoyed her. :) I stayed real quiet so Page could get a little more sleep but started downloading more of her CD's. I have already downloaded tons of them and will be uploading them to my iPod later this week. I'm sure I will be deleting some of the songs I don't really like but for now, I'm just getting what I can uploaded. After breakfast, we got ready and went to our favorite boutique - Smyrna's Goodwill. I bought a few tops and Page bought a suit and a few other things. Page found me a beautiful skirt and nice dress but I didn't get them even though they fit. They are both lined and I'm sorry - I just get too hot for that much fabric on me. Then we drove to Target to pick up a few things including a big red Paula Deen soup pot for the Taco Soup we are having tonight. I bought a pretty scarf and wallet but will be taking the wallet back. It just isn't going to work. We then drove by a little house that Page had looked at several months ago. I love the location - crowded little neighborhood right across the tracks from the library. So cute. We were going to wash clothes but I think we have decided to put that off until tomorrow. She is working from home so we will have time to work it in. We ate a little combination of brie, prosciutto, cheddar, grapes, crackers, olives, garlic dill pickles - you get the picture -bits of pieces of the delicious morsels we picked up at Farmer's Market yesterday along with a glass of wine. We are both beat so I'm thinking an early evening after dinner.

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