Saturday, February 12, 2011

Annual Vet Visit.....

Princess Miya Chula Yum-Yum had her annual check-up and shots this morning. I was a little concerned because I very rarely get more than one dose of her medicine in her a day and some days none.I just want her to be okay. It is so funny because they never stop making a big fuss over her when she is there. Most of the staff remember her entire name even though only the Miya part of her name is on her record.I love the look on her face in this picture - it's almost like she is asking why in the world I brought her back to this place.She is always so curious in the examining room. She goes from one door to the other because she hears noises from both sides of the room. She peeks through a little crack in the curtain to see what she can see.The doctor said her heart murmur hasn't gotten any worse and she understood about how hard it is to get all the medicine in them every day and to just keep doing the best I can. I told her how smart Miya has gotten and I don't want her to be jumpy all day long every time I move toward her. They got a good idea of this when they trimmed her nails and applied her flea medication for me. She acts all relaxed and before you know it - she is gone. They checked her for fleas and didn't find any but I had them apply it anyway since we will be with Page for two weeks.The shot always makes her a little lethargic so I left her cage open and she has pretty much been in there since we got home. We talked about her upcoming check-up in a few months at the University Hospital.They said they would be looking for the report that would be sent to them after that check-up for her heart. My sweet Princess Miya......

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  1. cats and the vets just don't mix well do they? They are too smart for their own good ;) Such a pretty and well loved kitty cat :)


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