Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Atlanta day 5.......

Another glorious day in Atlanta - bright and warm sunshine every day so far. I have been sleeping pretty good since I've been here. I brought a John Grisham book of short stories about Ford County to read at night before I go to sleep and it is working so far. It helps that Page has to get to sleep at a decent hour so she can get to work on time. She has been having a good week so far this week which makes me feel good too. She has been working such long, hard, hours for so long I was beginning to wonder if there was any relief in sight. I met Page at her favorite Thai restaurant tonight. It is close to where she works and her dry cleaners. I left a little early to make sure I could find it and was surprised at how easy it was. I had gone on-line and read some reviews which were mixed but prepared me for what I found when I arrived. Yep - it is located in a small strip mall! As I parked to wait for Page, I backed into a space up a hill and I put my parking brakes on. I immediately called Rie back home to tell her some exciting news about my new car. I don't know why and it only happened with my Avalon, but I would constantly get out of the car after turning it off and forget to put it in Park. I know - how dangerous is that? I would get in the car the next morning and really freak out knowing I had forgotten one more time. So I wanted to tell Rie that my new car was beeping frantically to tell me my car was NOT in PARK! She and I both loved it because she has done the same thing before. Thank goodness my driveway is flat but still -it is dangerous. One more thing to like about my new car. :) Back to Siam Square - when we walked in - a young man said Hey "Page" and she said - "Hey Billy". Guess it would be safe to say she is a regular. She said many a late evening she has come in, sat at the bar to eat and he would say - "you work too hard" and "you work too late". I knew I would like him. He kept our glasses filled with wonderful cucumber water (so fresh tasting)and we got to talk a bit because we were the early diners - well before the dinner crowd. When she told him I was her Mother, he was so kind and made sure to give us a lot of attention. It turns out Page's old boss loved this place too so they get to know her co-workers pretty well too.The inside of this restaurant is lovely - great colors, unique ironwork with candles and flowers, subtle and very classy looking. I had emailed several friends to give me hints about what I should order - I've only had Thai food a few times and always with someone who knows what to order. It turns out Page knew exactly what to order for me and it was delicious.Then Billy brought us a special treat and we were both going --- Ooooohhhh - that is so sweet. You could tell it pleased him that it pleased us so much. We left my car and headed over to TJ's to have our manicure and pedicure. We were the last customers of the day so we felt pretty special. Neither one of us got our nails polished so it didn't take too long but we did pay extra to have the callus be gone treatment and it was worth every penny. My heels feel SO much better. After picking up my car we decided to make it an early night. Good night.

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  1. That was so sweet of him and it looks yummy!
    I need a pedicure sooooooooo badly!


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